Mike Flynn Vs DoJ, pronounced DoH

Mr. Flynn files motion to dismiss plea and DoJ revises sentence recommendation for probation only.

Seems Mr. Flynn and his attorney have the DOH! in a sling. Ram it home, Mr. Flynn.

I hope Mr. Flynn gets justice. James Comey, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should have going through hell the past three and a half years instead of him.

That’s the way it is in our country right now. Justice is not served. I"m not even sure if it exists. If you’re on the left…you can avoid being served papers like Hilliary….Twice gabbard’s attorney has tried to serve Clinton with papers and she’s avoided both times. We’re going through this impeachment sham. Everyone in the country knows it is BS even the democrats but here we are.

Hollywood slebs and late nite media dregs are out today in force insulting our intelligence and an innocent president. And still…he is going to resoundingly win in 2020.


What Flynn did was pretty bad. He deserves punishment as much as those three. None of them we’re actively working for a foreign country, and advocating we abandon our allies.

He did nothing.

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He was a foreign agent, he didn’t report it, and he tried to sell out an ally in advancement of that country’s aims, not ours.

He did plenty wrong.

why does your response not surprise me.

I suspect because you think I’m talking about Russia when I’m talking about Turkey.

You don’t even know what I’m talking about, and you haven’t looked it up.

I’m not referring to Russia. And Was Flynn actually charged with anything involving turkey? I mean actually? show us that.

Yes, he was.


what? Former associate.

Read the article.