Mike Lee explains why he voted against VAWA


Why Did Utah’s Senator Mike Lee Vote Against the Violence Against Women Act? | Religion Dispatches

First, this issue is a state issue and outside the proper role of the federal government. Violent crimes are enforced almost exclusively by state governments and the Supreme Court has ruled that Congress has no authority to regulate domestic violence. States are better equipped to deal with these issues.

Second, the strings Congress attaches to federal VAWA funding restrict a state’s ability to govern itself. Congress should instead allow state and local leaders to have flexibility in enforcing state law instead of the one-size-fits-all federal requirements.

Third, current federal VAWA funding includes many instances of duplication and overlap with other programs and has long been criticized as highly inefficient. Senator Lee favors state autonomy and local control. He wants to remove the federal restrictions that prevent states and localities from efficiently and effectively serving women and other victims of domestic violence. He supporters [sic] eliminating programs that are duplicated elsewhere in the federal government. For these reasons he was unable to vote for the bill.

Great vote, Mike! Keep up the good work.