Mike Pence

Does the right hate talking about the Gallows for Pence because being reminded of what could of happened to Mike Pence? Or do you all hate being reminded because they didn’t hang Mike Pence and overturn election that actually happend?

Stop making excuses it wasn’t the feds it wasn’t antifa it wasn’t the lizard people. I refuse to engage with those answers. I will admit that the proud boys guys was an informant thus why he didn’t attend he got the word ahead of time they pulled the asset.

Pence was a very useful Vice President, but I don’t see him as presidential timber. He has the personality of a successful governor, but not a forceful president.

What happened to Mike Pence? What do you care? You’re a Democrat who wouldn’t vote for him come hell or high water.

Pence faced reality that the outcome of the election issue was settled, fairly or not. Trump didn’t like it so Trump complained about his lack of loyalty. It was one more Trump mistake and another example of his arrogance. It’s one more example of why Trump is low in my list for Republican primary candidates.

But like you, I am a party guy who votes based in political issues. Given who runs the Democrat Party, I, in all likelihood, will be unable to vote for whomever they nominate in 2024. That person will have to be an open borders, big spending, high taxing socialist who dislikes America and is “a citizen of the world.” Therefore if Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will be obligated to vote for him. Half a loaf is better than a stinking idiot, like we have now.

Why is this prevaricating jerk still here?

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Well, he has refrained from bad language or personally insulting other members.

Want him to go away? Simple, do not respond to any of his posts or threads. It might be simple but it is difficult. I haven’t been able to restrain myself.

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Part of me is kinda sad you lost the moral high ground. My aunts were once untouchable’s in debate coming from such a high ground but then that highroad reversed Then suddenly what was a group of unruly antiwar protesters were demanded to be pragmatic and considerate. This is not what I signed up for in 2002. We were supposed to be the heretics and suddenly I have the head of the county party telling alot of us we need to “feel” and “meet them where they are”. Alot of us would of done that to a bunch of church ladies, but now it’s not a bunch of Church ladies. I think why I hate Trump is because hes right wing me. Alot of self loathing in it, alot of envy, all the things he had built into him when he was younger, his fathers wealth, superstardom. Now people are forcing Dems to be tolerant, pious, and boring. I wanted the opposition to be pious, tolerant, and boring.

I like big words, that was the first time I had to google a word in years. I don’t think I’m all that evasive I’m quite open ask me anything.

@Unitedwestand, when would you vote for Mike Pence for President? NEVER

So don’t accuse me of taking the low road. I was only writing the truth.

I got family so this last 5 years I haven’t been able to look at them the same the little church ladies that were telling me I’m going to hell for my rock music putting in sponge bob swear pants as the commander in Chief. Now I’m questioning like 20+ year so of sincerity over cursing. I used to look at my aunts like they was perfect. I got 100 years of welsh roots that went frozen over the Orange Golbin. No matter what the popular opinon over GHWB by the end of it he stood by it without disgrace. It does concern me and they’ve privately told me they were ashamed by both options. I feel like this internet thing gave rise to the worse alternative narratives, and I gotta live with the crazy things people believe. It drives me bonkers Dems think a man in a dress outta be treated like a woman. Like for real people here and in the party know that I said look deal with it.

I see him as more presidential than Trump. The latter had more bombast than leadership in my opinion. About all he had going for him vis-a-vis Biden was that he was on the right side and he’s his own man (that latter attribute admittedly is a big one). Pence has all that and more; he certainly has more of a leadership bent than Biden (although so does a turnip).

You voted for him in the last election, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that as a presidential candidate, he would be like McCain and Romney who knew how to lose gracefully. We need something more.

We got stuck with Biden because Obama picked him. Ditto for Pence. He can’t win.