Military down played strength of ISIS


She worked on and off for five years identifying targets for the U.S. military’s Central Command.

And then, when, some believe, she spoke up about cherry-picked intelligence in the ISIS war, she was drummed out of her job—allegedly for cursing twice in the span of the year.

Those were just some of the surreal allegations thrown around last week in a Tampa law office conference room turned into a quasi-courtroom.

Had the case not involved the third-highest ranking person at the Defense Intelligence Agency, a two-star general, a military judge, and hours of testimony—all at a cost of thousands of dollars—it would have been hard to take seriously. Even with those high-ranking officials, at times it was hard not to do a double-take about what was happening.

After all, if cursing were really a fireable offense in the military, every soldier, sailor, Marine, and Defense Department civilian would have to be sent home.

The case suggested that, at CENTCOM, there are two wars being waged: one against ISISand a separate internal fight between whistleblowers and commanders. This all came to the fore during a rare public hearing last Wednesday before the government appeals board, brought by a subordinate of Gregory Ryckman, the top-ranking civilian at CENTCOM’s Joint Intelligence office, known as the J2.

She Spoke Up About Cooked ISIS Intel. They Booted Her

obama has insisted ISIS really does not matter and yet he drops leaflets so they can flee before we actually make a bombing run instead of just wasting fuel . He manages to supply weapons to them


YEP, I was a whistleblower and gave the Army enough to send a LtCol to jail. My story was backed up by other officers that knew, there was an investigation and everything we said was found to be true. So what did the Army do"

They allowed him to pay back over $3200 dollars he stole from the unit fund

They allowed him to ship back the equipment he stole and shipped to his home

Then they promoted him to FULL COL and let his retire at that rank.