Military Now Covering Transgender Treatment Options


IMO there is no legit medical requirement to support this. This is cosmetic and emotional in nature and since most trannys “go back” do we the taxpayer have to pay to convert them back again? You can look for every wanna be tranny to sign up just to get this VERY VERY Expensive set of operations, then get out.

Tricare Now Covering Transgender Treatment Options |

Tricare Now Covering Transgender Treatment Options

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The U.S. military’s Tricare health care system now covers transgender military family members and retirees, despite the official policy not yet going live, a top official said.

“I’m not going to wait for the final policy,” Navy Vice Adm. Raquel Bono, head of the Defense Health Agency, said in a wide-ranging interview with on Thursday atJoint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

“We’re going to go ahead and do that because that’s what our patients need,” she said.

The policy, published for public comment in the Federal Register in February, will allow for hormone therapy and mental health counseling for “gender dysphoria,” the clinical term for those who identify as a different gender than the sex they were assigned at birth. Tricare is prohibited by law from covering sex-change surgery.

A ban on openly serving transgender troops was lifted by Defense Department officials in June. By Oct. 1, officials will issue a handbook for commanders and all those affected by the new policy, as well as medical guidance for providing transition care to transgender troops. As part of the new policy, military medical facilities will provide hormone treatment, counseling and sex-change surgery when deemed “medically necessary.”

Bono said Tricare’s official policy should go live by Oct. 1.
“DHA and the Tricare plan have been working hand in glove with the services so that we’re able to roll this out in the same time frame,” Bono said. "We’ll be lock-step with what the services are doing. There should not be any lag; the whole goal is that we’re going to make this as seamless as we can."
In the meantime, Bono said, Tricare is working with its regional contractors to grant approval for transgender treatment that will be covered under the new policy. If the contractor will not approve it, the admiral said she will do so herself.

“What I’m trying to do right now is give that approval level to the contractors, and if that’s still not in place, then it comes up to me and I wave it,” she said. “I don’t think we need to wait for the actual policy to be signed and wait for the ink to be dried. It’s something we can do.”

Advocates with the American Military Partner Association, which supports gay and transgender military families, said that families deserve care, regardless of their medical needs.

“All service members and their family members, including those who happen to be transgender, deserve access to quality medical care – care they have earned serving our nation,” said Ashley Broadway, AMPA’s president. “We look forward to reviewing the new regulations and hope they provide the full range of appropriate and medically necessary care.”

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Hey! If some doofus moron wants to be a girl, I’LL perform the operation for free. Of course, he’ll have to get someone else to sew him up afterwards.


And that will no doubt take priority over real needs.


Transgender surgery now! Screw VA healthcare![/Sarcasm]


Sadly it does. The line is LONG at the VA and your place in line is (IMO and by observation) is where the govt tells the VA to put its priority. I was a Priority 1 from combat injuries in Vietnam and I still am a Priority 1 however my place in line has been steadily going back towards the rear. According to folks who work in the VA system who over the years I have gotten to know very well there are folks to go to the head of the line ahead of me. Take a step backward you are a Vietnam vet, Those who served in the ME post 1992 stand in front of you now. But in front of them is the GLBTQ crowd and at the very front of the line is any minority who is a GLBTQ they are now first served, the rest is behind them.

The good news is there are not many of them so the wait is short. But they walk in the door and everyone drops what they are doing and rush to give them what they want or some cases what the need.

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[quote=“17Oaks, post:7, topic:49366”]
Well from the VA, its an UGLY Shoe, believe me on that one. Think of the ugliest walking shoe you can imagine and thats it. Not sure what it does my Nike running shoes don’t but the Docs prescribe them…dunno
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