Are you former military or have family in or was a member of the military? If so you MAY be eligible for USAA insurance. I have been with them for 45 years. They are a full service ins company, rated as one of the very best in the US. One of the best companies to work for, best in customer service and a privately ‘member owned’ company. I will answer any questions you have if I can. USAA is the envy of insurance companies across the the US.

NOTE: I receive nothing either directly or indirectly, monetary or in-kind.

USAA: “Membership is open to those who have honorably served in the U.S. military as well as their families. We also offer certain products to non military individuals. Here’s a general outline of the products and services available to you.”[LEFT][/LEFT]


I’ve been with State farm since I first got insurance, but I’ll check it out.


I’ve used USAA since I started driving. Best doggone insurance company out there, cheapest auto/bike policies by far. Not always the cheapest home policy though. Do your research there before signing on with USAA if that’s your concern. Their quality of service is unsurpassed though. Even during Katrina, USAA was putting the shame on the others. They had immediate response. It was nothing short of amazing really.


I always read the fine print. I want to know if I have to get a repair are new parts, after market, or used parts used?


[quote=“Dacabeti, post:4, topic:36454”]
I always read the fine print. I want to know if I have to get a repair are new parts, after market, or used parts used?
[/quote]I have no doubts there. Since my Dad started us on USAA, I’ve never had a reason to change.

I mentioned the research because even though we could have gotten our insurance for the houses I owned a little cheaper elsewhere, USAA’s customer service has kept me with them. It’s still very cheap compared to many of the other big names.


I plan on checking it out, but just a little busy now.

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE, the BEST in the Industry, hands down, bar none

  2. Then there is the annual bonus check you get, called the SSA. USAA pays the taxes on it for you and you get a check based upon the profit of the company and your ownership in it, USAA is OWNED by its members, NOT stockholders.

  3. Then there is the annual check you get for being with the company X amount of years. Not sure how long you need to be with them in continuous service, but the check are quite nice, I get one every year since they started…

  4. Then there is just the way they do business. My car was stolen, found, repaired and I drove it for about 5 mo. It was a 4 wheel drive auto (Jeep). I finally went off road one day and found I had no 4x4. I called USAA, told them ‘guess I should have checked but never thought about it’. They covered the cost of a NEW transfer case, and labor, included it in my original claim.