Millennial Woman: I Had to Marry an Older Man to Find a Masculine Mate

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Millennial Woman: I Had to Marry an Older Man to Find a Masculine Mate

CALLER : . . .
. . . . . I am a college-educated white woman, and I am in my twenties. And I find the men around me to be completely unattractive. I look for men that have masculine traits, that have that confidence that you were talking about, like you have and like Trump has.

RUSH: Well, that came up yesterday, and somebody called and said, “No, no, women do want that, Mr. Limbaugh.” This is why they’re having to find men that are much older than they are, because the men that are near them in age are not exhibiting confidence or masculinity to one degree or another.

CALLER: You know, Rush, it’s so funny you had to say that because I had to marry a man in his forties to find that, and I’m 27. And, you know, it took finding somebody a lot older than me that’s, you know, from central America — I mean from Oklahoma to find somebody that has those traits, because none of the men in my age-group had what I was looking for. And I find it just to be totally unimpressive

RUSH: You would agree with the premise, then, that masculinity, male masculinity is something that we are missing in the current generation, Millennial generation in men and that it’s a problem?

CALLER: Oh, I absolutely would agree with that. I mean, I went to a public university and got my graduate degree as well, and in both of those settings, the men were just — they lacked that confidence. They didn’t have the voice. They acted like they were walking on eggshells like they didn’t know what they thought about anything, and yeah, it is a problem —

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December 20, 2011

She sounds fat.

I have friends in their 20s who are as masculine as any 40 year old. While I’d agree that overall there’s been a decline, the big drop was Silent Gen to Boomer. Not GenX to Millennial. Now Zoomers… we’ll see. I would say about 10-15% of zoomers literally act like stereotypical gay men(despite being most likely heterosexual).

But any woman clocking in at under 120lbs can land a good guy.