Millennials' Die faster than Gen X and are Death Positiv

so these are people born from 1984-1996 ok not the ones under 26 today. Those are called Gen Z or Zenials or the Last Generation.

Ok so my generation is death positive, yeah that was a no brainer, we’ve been sick of it for a while. There’s no point holding on, and someday it’s gonna get ya.
I guess my views of death were shaped by death metal, which is existential, and deals with mortal fate.

I kinda told my doc if I can make it to 70 I’m good I’m gonna live how I’m gonna live and if that trajectory is 70 then yeah I’m ok with that. He’s like it could be as low as 68 I’m like yeah I’m ok with that. He said what if it was 60 and I’m like is the trajectory 60 and hes like no. Yeah I guess I wouldn’t be cool with 60 I then said.

So yeah were death positive? Can I ask the older folks on here how that makes them feel? They have a generation of younger people who are death positive, and I ask boomers, and silent generations who near death how does this make you feel?

Gonna bump see if someone will bite.