Minneapolis First Somali police officer shoots Australian woman


Do you guys know about this??

Minneapolis hires this guy. On the force 2 years and there are 3 serious complaints about him. This last, an Australian woman transplanted to Minneapolis due to be married in august called police to report an assault that happened behind her house. She was talking to the officer driver on his side of the car…he was still in the car when Mohammad Noor…got that?..shot from inside the car past his partner into the woman’s torso and killed her on the spot.

there is an investigation…which he is refusing to answer questions. his partner said he was stunned that Noor shot her…and don’t forget he had to shoot at and around the driver officer.

The mayor and the police chief were delighted to hire him. THe mayor is a leftist. the police chief, is a female and lesbian.

In my opinion 1. he is conducting his own personal jihad.
2. The mayor and city government are guilty of gross negligence not to mention STUPIDITY.
3. Noor should be put into jail and not released until he complies with answering questions at the very least. and 4. this city and it’s officials as well as the officer should be sued so that they can’t even afford to live in a box on the street.
5. Noor and family should be deported. or shot. whichever. perhaps even the mayor and police chief.


There is certainly a coverup of what really happened. It should come out eventually.


"----he had to shoot at and around the driver officer."
Don’t you know that poor guy will have hearing problems - if not permanant damage!!!:sad:


The mayor (woman) the police chief (lesbian) seem to be poised to throw this Somali under the bus (righteously so) to cover their own asses. These were the same two that were gung ho in hiring and making a show of welcoming him to the force. VERY. VERY. BAD. IDEA. They should be held accountable as well as this Somali. LEgally and politically.

Isaiah 3:12 Children (immature men) and women shall rule over you. They lead you astray.


I saw a report a few minutes ago that the police chief has resigned. Sounds to me like this situation could become something to sit back and watch while enjoying a bowl of fresh popcorn. Perhaps that should be a bowl a day for several days.


resigned. I will go look that up. A few hundred protestors were out today or yesterday in support of justice for Justine Damond. Unlike leftist protests there was no looting, no drug use, no violence.


I… don’t see how either of these details are relevant. Are you saying women can only be bad or leftist mayors?


well it IS relevant. They are responsible for hiring this guy. It was a very bad idea. These are the kinds of decisions some women make…in PARTICULAR leftist women.


seven months of training in the accelerated programs. They could hardly wait to see who he would shoot first. Evil stupid women.

Via Daily Mail: Justine Damond: Mohamed Noor had seven months training | Daily Mail Online

The Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman graduated from the city’s accelerated police cadet program.

Officer Mohamed Noor graduated in 2015 after the seven month training program, which is a quicker, nontraditional route to policing aimed at helping those who already have a college degree enter law enforcement, The Star Tribune reported.

Mr Noor shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond on July 15 as she stood outside her Minneapolis home in pajamas.

The 31-year-old police officer was fast tracked into his role through the city’s accelerated cadet program.

The seven-month training program is designed for applicants already with a college degree, with recipients receiving tuition for Hennepin Technical College to complete their studies.


Why? Neither detail makes a person bad at their job. Ideas can make them bad, but you don’t have them because you’re a women.

Or are you saying Nikki Haley was a bad Governor?


Conservative women generally have more sense. Liberal women have bad ideas, liberal women make bad decision. Liberal lesbian women make even worse decisions.


But you were suggesting that these people by simply being women and lesbian, that their judgement in their profession was impaired. I don’t see the logic in that.

Ideology is separate from gender or sexuality. If Milo Yiannopoulos can decry feminism and much of the left, or Tammy Bruce for that matter, this would seem obvious.

To the opposite end, Liberal Men certainly aren’t any wiser. Bad ideas don’t pay attention to who or what you are.


When the news of the Justine Damond shooting was first reported I must admit that I was expecting an uproar for firearms control, even to the point of disarming LEO’s. However it is something of a surprise to me that it is a political office candidate who is making the noises.

Not being a resident of Minneapolis or even Minnesota I cannot vote against Mr. Dehn but I sure would do so if I were an eligible voter.

> MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) - State Representative and Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn is calling for major policing changes, proposing to take away guns from the majority of officers.
> <<snip>>
> He would be open to officers using other means to protect themselves like a night stick or pepper spray.
> <<snip>>
> Mayor Hodges disagrees with Dehn’s proposal.
> <<snip>>
> Dehn says the details of his no gun proposal are still in the early stages and he wants to sit down with police officers and come up with a strategy that keeps both the community and law enforcement safe.
> But the head of the police union, Lt. Bob Kroll, says there’s not a chance this idea would fly with any cop.

Minneapolis mayoral candidate Raymond Dehn proposes disarming police of guns
Fox 9
By Christina Palladino
Posted July 25, 2017 10PM


I think this needs to happen, in that city. I hope all of the goodly serving officers quit, and move first though.