Minneapolis Mayor to Rioters: Please Practice Social Distancing, Wear Masks

I thought this was from Babylon Bee! :upside_down_face:

that’s a leftist for you.


What an idiot. and as I keep saying, the people elected him and now they have to live with what they elected (or die)


“You fellows can take what you want and burn down the neighborhood, but please wear a mask (not a problem for ANTIFA members) and remember to social distance. Have a nice evening!” :clown_face:

We have AIR SUPERIORITY…the former Democratic VP candidate, CURTIS LEMAY would know what steps to take.
(Some of our younger folk may need to WIKI or GOOGLE that one)

Democrat front groups are now calling for violence. https://www.facebook.com/346937065399354/posts/3846207608805598/

The democrats are openly embracing terrorism as a political tool

They always HAVE, Qix. This isn’t some new tactic.

Antifa has their own Reddit page where they organize these riots!


They haven’t always been this open and obvious about it.

It’s in Virginia, not just DC. Manassas. Roanoke last night I heard. No media acknowledgement. DC of course past couple days. Did you see the video of black woman slugging white officer in Baltimore and a black officer behind poundcake’s her upside her head. That was all she wrote. It. was… AWESOME! LOLOLOL

If they’d start shooting to kill they could stop this pretty damn fast.

Regardless. Burn down these cities for all I care. But think twice before you come onto my property.

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