Minneapolis: Muslims riot, throw rocks at police in rage over HBO series on jihad rec


Minneapolis: Muslims riot, throw rocks at police in rage over HBO series on jihad recruitment,” By Robert Spencer,October 20, 2016:
On Saturday, Ibrahim donned a purple scarf and grabbed a bullhorn to describe to the crowd what she anticipated from the cable TV show. ‘It’s going to be talking about how the Somali kids in Cedar are terrorists!’ she cried.”
And so to prove that Somali kids in Cedar are not terrorists, they threw a glass bottle, rocks and a chair at police officers. “A Metro Transit police officer was hit in the head with an unknown object.”

Remember these are the people obama is importing and Hillary wants to increase to even more.

Each day there seems to be more reports about muslims practicing Jihad in this country. Throw in the phony stories of hate crimes against muslims which turn out to be false or done by one muslim to another.


Imported Muslims = more Democrat voters

The trouble is they want to go beyond the Democrats and establish a Muslim state. Many of them have no interest in assimilating into American society. They want to take it over.


they threw a glass bottle, rocks and a chair at police officers.
To me it really doesn’t matter what is going on. You do not throw stuff at police officers. I see it as a two way street. If you attack someone they have the right to defend themselves by attacking back. I realize that police have to operate under a different set of rules but at some point people have to learn that they can’t do stuff like that. The obviously haven’t learned it so far in life. I believe that our problem is that we as a society are too civilized. Attack someone & maybe at some point in the distant future IF everyone does exactly what they should do you MAY get punished. A week in jail, small fine, or maybe you pick up trash on the highway for a time.
People that do stuff like this should be handled like common school yard bullies. I found a simple & quick method that works. You don’t respect the rights on others & you attack them, no problem. You can be taught that respect in one easy step by getting the shit beat out of you. Sometimes they even learn faster than that. When I was a kid we had one guy that loved to pick on those he thought was weak. He tried it with me & I didn’t even say anything. I just picked him up & dropped him on his back on the ground. Not only did he never bother me again but when I was around he never picked on someone else.


Not to derail but Tex brought back a memory. In second grade one kid was much bigger than the others so he became the bully. By fifth grade he was average size and no more bully. :cool:


I was almost always the tallest guy in class thru school, NOTE I did not say I was the biggest, I was not…when I went into the Army at age 20, I was right at 6’3" and tilted the scales at 121 lbs…when I finished Basic and then Advanced training about <6 mo later I hit the scales at 206 lbs and my waist had gone from 28" to 26". LOL so I was never a bully.


Well, you have me beat. I was 18 when I went to basic at 140lbs, after infantry training I was 175lbs. Basic training had the best food (Parris Island), infantry (Camp Geiger) the food was so bad they had giant peanut butter and jelly jars on every table which most guys ate instead of the main meal.

In basic I was so hungry I ate everything including liver that I once detested. holy sheep

After basic, the one thing I craved the most was a coke. :drool:


They had Coke from a fountain at the chow hall at Great Lakes when I was there 33 years ago, but it tasted crappy (the regular cans of it were fine in the few vending machines we had (limited) access to); so I usually did chocolate milk.


52 years ago (:grin:) we could only get coke at the PX and only after graduation. :eusa_boohoo:


Oh, I’m not complaining. It was great that I could get the cans out of the vending machines on our Coke-and-smoke breaks. I didn’t get it that often at home.