Minnesota couple slips $500G check into Salvation Army kettle


Minnesota couple slips $500G check into Salvation Army kettle | Fox News


I’m glad to read that the couple wished to remain anonymous. Too often, you hear about people who give “alms before men, to be seen of them,” when Jesus commanded:

[QUOTE=Jesus (per Matthew 6:3-4)]3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:
4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward you openly.[/QUOTE]


Wow! And I’m glad the Salvation Army, STrib, and Fox News have respected their anonymity.


I’ve always loved Jesus’ word picture in verse 3.


I’ve heard people say, “Oh, they only give to make themselves look good.” When the church I was attending before we moved to PA was building a new sanctuary, I mentioned to a fellow that I worked with that one family had paid for the chandeliers, he said as much in response. I pointed out immediately that they had asked for their donation to be anonymous, and no names were mentioned. I found out later though, when their teenage son let the cat out of the bag. Some of his friends were asking him to do something with them - can’t remember what, but it was going to cost money - and I just happened to be in hearing range when the young man said, “I can’t - I have to pay for a chandelier.” Bet his parents would have boxed his ears for saying that if they knew about it.


Jesus’ injunction to “not let thy left hand know what thy right hand is doing,” reminds me of how some people “give.” They pull a bunch of coins out of their right-hand pocket and then COUNT out their “giving” with their left hand, instead of just pulling out the money and dropping it in the pot.


When Jesus made that admonition, he made reference to those who made a big show of their giving, even to the point of having people make proclamations in front of them, so everybody would know.


This. That is definitely how I interpreted Jesus’ message in that particular passage as well. I think he was referring to public prayer/affection for God if I’m not mistaken.

I recall giving a donation to a fellow worker a decade ago as she was doing a “CN Tower stair run” for charity. I was actually not happy when another came up to me and asked why I gave so much to this workers charity, as if I was making myself “look good”. I was disappointed with the person I donated to as I wanted it to be private, it wasn’t an excessive amount by any means but more than anyone else have given but I felt strongly about the cause and her effort to achieving it (i’s not easy to run up and down so many stairs). Another co-worker said to me, “hey you never told me you made a donation”…obviously I wasn’t intending to. It’s the best way to give as far as I am concerned though I don’t always follow that philosophy.

If people give that’s great. I don’t even complain when some celebrities do it for PR or to garner sympathy, the bottom line to me is “at least someone who needs help has received it”, that’s the important factor. One has to be pragmatic in life when dealing with the issue of helping others. It certainly says a lot that they did so anonymously. I hope they can remain so in today’s world of loose lips.


It’s true enough that giving anonymously is not required; it is the attitude. And I’m sure the people who gave that money would have been criticized for “doing it to look good.”

I’m reminded of a statement by the Rev. Grady Nutt (you folk who remember “Hee-Haw” will remember him). He once said, “The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, and he will also take it from a grouch.”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBaD1_fNm2Y “Why You Shouldn’t Give Money to the Salvation Army”

Please watch and understand the video.


Folks, it is time to head Jesus admonition and not cast our pearls…:shhh:

This person is here for a fight. That is the only excuse for this behavior is either thinking they are smarter than us dumb old Christians, or someone who is here to pick a fight. Either way, nothing can be gained by encouraging rabid atheists to post their bafflegag in our Faith and Beliefs forum.


I think he’s trying to convince himself of the non-existence of God. That seems to be the case with most militant atheists.

I will make a note on his sig though - what he posted was not a cure for leprosy, but the ceremonial process of cleansing after leprosy was cured. Wow, I knew there was some reason for me to slog through all those levitical rituals!


Nothing but an anti religious rant


That part of gYT’s post was both irrelevant to this thread and a demonstration that gYT doesn’t care enough about the scriptures he mocks to first understand those scriptures. As you said, Susanna, what he mocked was not the ceremony to cure leprosy but the ceremony that certified that the leper had been cleansed. Also, while that set of passages is translated “leprosy”, in the context of the 15th Century BC it meant various skin diseases, not just what we call Hansen’s Disease.

A word to the wise, gYT, mocking what you don’t understand and don’t care to will result in your having foot-in-mouth disease, as happened here.

As a Moderator I’m cautioning you that posting inflammatory comments that are irrelevant to the thread in which the comments are posted has the appearance of trolling. As a further word to the wise, I recommend against doing so again.