Miscellaneous Short Quotes From Some Of RO's Posters

I plan to use this thread, from time to time, to post notable short quotes taken from posts written by posters here at RO. Perhaps some others would like to post some of their favorite short quotes, taken from threads here at RO, that they believe to be outstanding enough to post here in this thread. If so, please remember to include the posters name, the post number, and the link to the thread ~~ doing this could stimulate some readers here in this thread, to go over and read the linked thread from which the quote was taken, and then to make their own contribution to that thread, which imo will be a good thing for RO.

Please remember to:
(1) Keep the quote short (the post number and link you provide will allow readers to read the entire post).
(2) Select only what you consider to be truly an outstanding quote that makes a very notable point.
(3) Include the posters name (ie give credit).
(4) Include the post number.
(5) Include the link (so any readers here can go read the entire post from which the quote was taken, and maybe the whole thread).
(6) Perhaps give the quote a short title (maybe you’d like to select one or two key words from the quote for a mini title).

Here is my first entry:

** Prolonged Adolescence **
“Okay, the goal was to shift the culture, women shouldn’t be dependent upon a man, and we did. Women are raised to be independent as the author asserts, often by mothers themselves forced to be independent. The feminist credo, women don’t need men, has been realized. Okay, now what? Women turn thirty, look around, and all the men are gone. They’re not really gone, but there’s a great likelihood that they’re either married or not interested in being married, many of them stuck in a prolonged adolescence they see no reason to end. There’s no need for them. Absent any need, with sex readily available without commitment, let alone marriage, the needs of men become simplified; rent, beer, cable TV. Men don’t have anything to work for that requires real work and even sacrifice. At least nothing they want that badly.”__Sway

Post 19, here:


Socialism And The Chicken Leg.

"Do I spell ‘Socialism’ L - O - V - E ?

But of course!

But I would, because I came from a socialist family. Dad was a bit more capitalistic (which explains why he was always borrowing money from my socialist Mom) but we were socialists and we loved each other.

I remember supper times when there was a chicken leg left over. Being socialists we usually gave it to the hardest worker, who usually offered it to the next most deserving, who’d offer it to the person who never ended up with it, and before you knew it the chicken leg was knocked to the floor in the mad rush to hug each other, our faces smeared with tears of love and joy."__Hansjurg.

Post 146, here:

I’m down on the floor here LOL I laughed at that one so long my sides started to hurt

Can’t post links and things because I’ve long forgotten the location of this comment, but it deserves to be here as well as a signature.

"Regulation is necessary to make a free market work."
Mitt Romney

"Next Romney will inform us that divorce is necessary to make a marriage work."

** “The proper position is humble faith” **

** “God does not need to be justified before us” **

"When God speaks, he doesn’t condemn Job from a moral standpoint: God does not mention the inherent sinfulness of man or anything of the sort. The entire speech deals with one major theme: the complete and utter incompetence and inability of man to understand God and God’s works. When Job responds, he does not say something like “I now see that I am inherently sinful, and that my suffering was a matter of deserved retribution for my sins,” rather, he emphasizes his own epistemological poverty and a renewed commitment to humble faith (42:2-6). Eliphaz is punished: “ye have not spoken of me the thing which is right, like my servant Job.” (42:8)

My suggestion regarding the lesson in the Book of Job is this (I think RET is getting at much the same point in his own post): original sin may or may not be a good answer to the problem of suffering. What matters is that we don’t know — and can’t know — one way or the other. God’s justice is “too wonderful” for us, and completely beyond our understanding. God does not need to be justified before us, and it is dangerous to attempt to justify God before others through human reason and understanding (lest one speak wrongly like Eliphaz). The proper position is humble faith, and to accept without pride our epistemological poverty. The Book of Job doesn’t give us the answer to why the innocent suffer, because man could never understand such things. It’s only pride that prevents man from accepting this." [SIZE=4]__J. Anderson [/SIZE]

Post 39


** Man Cannot Be The Source Of Morality. **

“Morality must come from an Authority greater than those who are responsible for acting in a moral manner. Man cannot be the author of morality and still claim that other men should or must accept or adhere to this morality because if man is the source and the Highest Authority then no man’s opinion is more or less legitimate than any other.”__RET

“The argument is that “Morality” must emanate from an authority greater than those who are responsible for acting in a “Moral” manner. Man cannot be both the author of Morality and still claim that other men should or must accept or adhere to this Morality because if man is the highest authority then no mans opinion is more or less legitimate than any other.”__RET
Post 267

(I do not remember where I got the sized version of RET’s quote (up there at the top.) The quote has been stated and re-stated so many times, that it could have come from any one of several posts.)


** … I may die watching the news … gazing into the obsidian eyes of Harris Faulkner … **

“I only watch Current TV [Al Gore’s TV project] when Free Speech (FSTV) is showing something I’m not interested in viewing. It’s pretty neat; each day, on my on-screen TV guide, they publish a condensed list of almost everything I’m not interested in watching. Some nights it’s a tough call. Just the other day I had a choice between something that looked like Homosexual Perspectives on Farming versus the pedestrian possibilities of another night watching Harris Faulkner read me the news of the day over on Fox News Channel. I may die watching the news, and if I’m going to die watching the news, it’s going to be gazing into the obsidian eyes of Harris Faulkner, in which a man can lose himself, or perhaps contemplating the culmination of the thousands of years of engineering involved in properly supporting the assests of Juliet Huddy and Shannon Bream. Watch Al Gore for five minutes and I defy you to come up with a reason to keep on living.”__Sway

/howler :howler:
(Its quotes like this that make life bearable as one mixes among the liberal cretinous philistines here in Digital World.)

Post 2

Tiny Said:

" [Some are] frustrated with these types, [obstinate atheists] since no apparent good can come of discussing it with them. However, we must continue to keep an open dialogue. Yet, we must include PRAYER. We must pray that their eyes are opened, and that God will use us for the accomplishment of His Will. We must pray that we will find the words to impart God’s message to them. We must pray for the patience and diligence needed to accomplish this task. We must pray that the Holy Spirit, will soften their hearts. This is what the Bible refers to as “endurance”. That said, it is imperative, that we keep our eyes on the Prize, and not let their disbelief discourage us."__Tiny

Post 528


Magnificient thoughts up there.

Mt. 10:14 "If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet."
2 Tim 4:2 “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.”

Tiny’s approach may well have have solved the tension between Mt. 10:14 … AND … 2 Tim 4:2 thus allowing we Christians be true to both Mt.10:14 … AND …2 Tim.4:2

Regarding The Tension Between “Shake Dust” (Mt.10:14) and “Preach The Word” (2 Tim. 4:2) …

Tiny Said:

“I wish there was an arbitrary line for when to “shake dust”, but there isn’t. But, I just treat atheists like children. Try to reason, and when that fails, let them know that you are done. Don’t respond when they begin whining about how you can’t love them, since you are not playing their game, any longer. The bigger the tantrum, the louder my laughter. Once they begin to grow up, you can try to address their concerns again, until the immaturity returns, and the cycle restarts. In the case of repetitive childishness, I then ignore them completely. I give them back to God, in a prayer for their souls, and continue my journey.”__Tiny

Post 269
Here: http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f22/question-christians-39962/index27.html#post580502

J. Anderson Said:
“I would rather just state my position clearly than get into baggage-ridden terms like “fideism.” My position is that there are only two proper sources of knowledge of God:
(1) grace and (2) scripture through the light of grace. There is no road to Christ through mere science or reason; this is the “wisdom of the world” (1 Cor. 1). Luther distinguishes between “natural reason” and “philosophical reason.” “Natural reason” contains intuitive and personal knowledge accessible through introspection, and also just plain everyday “common sense.” Luther believed that we can in this way understand moral truths (such as the law of love) and certain bare metaphysical facts such as the existence of God. But natural reason is a form of grace; intuitive understanding of God comes from God, and not through the use of philosophical proofs or scientific methods. When the latter attempt to take the place of grace, they become the “Devil’s whore” by which one is led into confusion.”__J. Anderson 3/22/2013

Post 285

RET Replied
"Exactly, I always make a distinction between “Knowing Christ/Becoming Christian” and “Knowing that a God exists and Morals Exist”. The former is not possible without the instigation of God on his terms, the latter can be reasonably surmised by observation, contemplation and investigation of what is created as Luther said. I find very little to argue with when reading Luther."__RET 3/22/2013

Post 303

Please, no comments in this thread. Please put any comments on these quotes in the threads that are linked under the quotes.


** “…it is there that I feel closest to myself, closest to God…” **

“My joy is nature, and the woods behind my house. I go for a walk back there every day, rain or shine, busy or not, and try to reflect on the beauty of each leaf, each meadow, each fallen bough. I walk up to the top of a hill, where there is a bench looking down upon a meadow, and beyond that trees that melt away for miles. All you see are the rolling forests, punctuated by the occasional church steeple. The sun is often setting and everything is touched by a soft golden light. There is another spot I love, where a small brook runs through a steep gorge. It is so serene and tranquil I often sit down on a stump and stay there for fifteen minutes. All the while, I think “this is where I get to grow up?”. It is there that I feel closest to myself, closest to God, and the most balanced. I always come back feeling serene and tranquil, no matter how busy it is in my house.” __Cynicaloptimist

Quote Located In Post 162
In case the link ever dies, its in the Science Forum. Thread: Genesis Creation vs. Macroevolution Myth

Thats one of the most beautiful and inspiring paragraphs I have ever read and so I put it here with the collection. (Please do not make comments in this thread, it is just for quotes. You can make any comments you may have in the thread at the link above. Thanks.)


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“Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest”-Diderot

“For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery”- Jonathan Swift

“A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”- George Bernard Shaw

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” - Mencken


“I view it (government) as forced slavery” -Bremen

“We are witnessing a person so indoctrinated that they are actually arguing for Leviathan” -Bremen


You hold such childish and immature views that I am not suprised that you came over here to this sticky thread as your way of throwing a little revenge tantum hissy fit from the defeat you received in that thread (linked below) and from which you fled. You never did muster up the courage to actually face the many points I made in those posts over there, for example post 202 here: http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f22/can-you-truly-moral-person-without-objective-moral-system-41255/index21.html#post607946

So instead of having the courage to actually face and write well thought out responses to those points you came over here and thought you’d be cute and post your quotes from Bremen and people that agree with Bremen to serve as your “rebutals” and as substitutes for what you did not have the courage to face and answer in the thread linked to in this post. You thought you’d be cute, as in Fourth Grade cute, by deliberately messing up my thread that I had started over here for the purpose of quoting ONLY posters here at RO as I explained in my OP in this thread.

No intelligent person is going to believe that your posting those quotes up there was a mere coincident and that it had nothing to do with post 202, an excerpt of which is quoted down there in that block with a link to the thread. Its obvious you’re throwing a little childish hissy fit over here in this thread.

Here is part of post 202 that you did not have the courage to actually refute with well thought out statements. Instead you resorted to childish and immature posting of those quotes up there, imo, because you thought that would irritate me and you knew your doing it would mess up this thread with quotes from people who were not posters here at RO as stipulated in my OP. More childish views at work here.

I am going to put an excerpt from post 202 (with a link to the thread it’s from) below so it will be on record here in this thread:
(This is what you didn’t have the courage to write a well thought out response to. (And there is MORE besides just this excerpt)

Originally Posted By BullsOnParade:
I don’t feel he need to act tough with a soldier as my avatar.

Jack Hectoram Replied:
I don’t either, but then you didn’t say I did, so thank you for sharing your opinions about toughness as it relates to avatar-soldiers.

Btw, if I changed my avatar to a picture of a sniveling groveling pink-panty-wearing male liberal college professor, you know, like some you have sat under, me doing that would not change the fact that Bremen holds nutty views and you post and give him moral support for his nutty views.

Bremen writes posts the substance of which is that America sucks and that her soldiers are immoral and that the American government is immoral and has established SLAVERY for the people who live in America. Bremen believes the United States Military is immoral because it serves the immoral American government and nation-state that has turned Americans into SLAVES.

Anarchists (including Bremen) do not love or appreciate America. Bremen has been here at RO since Mar. 2010 and has some 2,889 posts. There is probably no American icon or symbol or institution that he has not bad-mouthed and run-down. I have a list, stuck in my files somewhere, of pretty much all his bad-mouthing of America with notes where to locate his past posts. He once said that the Statue Of Liberty was just an old metal icon that was not important, he has called for the elimination of the office of the POTUS, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the SCOTUS. He regularly puts the bad-mouth on the United States Military and runs down many of America’s soldiers as immoral killers. I think he once called for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution because it was an instrument of slavery. This would of course make perfect sense to Bremen because he views the very existence of the United States Government as slavery for Americans.

I do not appreciate being told, for all practical purposes, that my country sucks. And cute little disclaimers that say I was not really talking about the actual “country” does not work of me. I am convinced that Bremen believes in his heart that America sucks. I know he believes that America’s government is immoral. I know he considers the Statue Of Liberty to be a useless American icon.

Bremen believes that the American government is “forced slavery” and that the American government is “completely immoral”, See Post 165 here: http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f22/can-you-truly-moral-person-without-objective-moral-system-41255/index16.html#post607136

Bremen believes that Americans are slaves.

Add those last two lines to all that other stuff up there that he believes and you have enough to demonstrate that Bremen holds absurd, foolish, childish views and that YOU BullsOnParade are here to give him moral support in holding them.

from Post 202 here:

I had let the argument go over there in the other thread and had moved on to other things, so keep in mind that you and your childish and immature views and opinions that led you to think that your little “Quotes Project” was really a cool thing to do, was the cause of Bremen appearing again over here in this thread.


♫ ♪ ♫ ♪


I close with a BullsOnParade Quote as an example of one of his childish immature views:


Now I know where to come to get a good summation of Bremen’s views on his country America. They’re up there in that quote block in this sticky thread, thanks to you.


War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

Here ya go Jack, written by a highly decorated soldier who fraught in many conflicts. He is giving a scathing condemnation of our government.

[quote=“BullsOnParade, post:19, topic:36635”]
War Is A Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler, 1935

Here ya go Jack, written by a highly decorated soldier who fraught in many conflicts. He is giving a scathing condemnation of our government.
[/quote]I hardly think a link reference to SOMEONE ELSE’s opinion exposes YOUR opinion that answers Jack’s request for YOUR rebuttals IN YOUR OWN WORDS to all of Jack’s arguments.

But if your focus is economy of effort, let me distill the questions. Do you:

  1. Believe The Statue Of Liberty is just an old metal icon that is not important?

  2. Advocate for the elimination of the office of the POTUS, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the SCOTUS?

  3. Support casting doubt on the character of the United States Military and calling America’s soldiers in WWII “immoral killers”?

  4. Call for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution because it is an instrument of slavery?

  5. View the very existence of the United States Government as slavery for Americans?

You can simply cut and paste the questions with your “Yes” or “No” appended. No need for a lengthy post.

If you maintain that your answers are more complex than yes or no, I am confident that most members of this board will be able to follow whatever complex threads you might weave.

Now before you go into a rant like, “I honestly couldn’t give a damn what you think . . .blah, blah, blah . . . hot shot.” ( http://www.republicanoperative.com/forums/f17/wounded-soldier-writes-letter-about-pain-being-forced-commit-war-crimes-41457/index5.html#post605521 ), or cast doubt on my character, or military service, or experience, or you say something like, “I’m not required to answer your questions” (and you’re absolutely right, but this post is certainly not a demand . . . your call), or “I don’t need your approval” (again, correct), or some other means of sidestepping, evading, avoiding, or ignoring the questions (AGAIN) . . . a simple, “I choose not to answer your questions” will do.

In the past, you’ve articulated your position on abortion (“pro-life” I think, and I applaud that position), and your position on K through 12 public schools (“abominable”, I think . . . and again I applaud that position.) And, NO, I’m not resurrecting your position about this board’s opinion of college professors . . . just sticking to K through 12 here. So it seems reasonable for you to articulate your position here. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, not a link to someone else’s opinion.

And why did you feel compelled to come over to this thread, which Jack has specifically dedicated to quotes of other RO members ONLY, and give a listing of quotes from non-RO people?

In the interest of not hijacking Jack’s RO member quote thread anymore, if you choose to respond with anything other than a rant, you might start a new thread. If OTOH you choose to rant or get into personal attack mode, here or elsewhere, I’ll not participate further in any exchange. I’d appreciate it if you’d keep your comments to the arguments, and not the person. If you choose otherwise, talk to the hand!!!

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