Miserable Governance Newly Defined

Thought I would drop by and point out just how badly the American people are being governed. Just my way of venting anguish, sadness and frustration associated with our leadership.

In thinking about the point(s) I wanted to make it struck me that our governmental malfeasance is so broad and runs so deep that merely enumerating and expounding on the endless examples would take me away from the pleasures I am experiencing here in Costa Rica, so . . .

I’ll express the point with the following self-evident truth:

Only a ship of leadership fools would spend 20 years, spend a trillion dollars, sacrifice over 2000 lives of its finest young people - not to mention thousands more who sacrificed arms, legs, sight, etc, - only to end up replacing the Taliban with the Taliban - a Taliban our leaders newly armed with more than 80 billion dollars of some of our finest military weapons and hardware, while at the same time orchestrating a cessation of military operations that included leaving an untold number of American citizens behind to fend for themselves in a hostile land.

Can you say DISHONOR.


I know, what was Trump thinking making this deal. But yeah, four legs good two legs bad.

Hey you can worry about Costa Rica if you love it there so much. I love this country!