Mispronouncing A Name Is Now A Microaggression


According to ‘My Name, My Identity: A Declaration of Self,’ a national campaign launched in 2015 by the Santa Clara County, Calif. Office of Education (SCCOE) and the National Association for Bilingual Education, a teacher who mispronounces a student’s name can cause that student “anxiety and resentment”.
“Mispronouncing a student’s name truly negates his or her identity, which, in turn, can hinder academic progress,”according to Yee Wan, SCCOE’s director of multilingual education services.

Mispronouncing A Name Is Now A Microaggression - Christine Rousselle

Why if I believe all this people have been mispronouncing my name all my life and I should feel so offended. Now I will say something if I give my name and their say something else or ask for my name over and over which tells me they are not paying attention.

Does that mean I want to charge them with some kind of crime? The answer is no. I guess I am not one of those sensitive snow flakes who worry about everything.


You can call me anything except late for supper…


mispronounces a student’s name can cause that student “anxiety and resentment”.
OMG! At the time I first came into the military there was a well known football player that had the same last name. For a solid 2 years people called me his first name because I guess they just put that first name with the last name. I didn’t bother to correct them because it wasn’t a big thing. Now I guess that I was scared for life & didn’t know it. Can I sue everyone because since reading the above I have totally lost my identity & don’t know who I am anymore. All I can seem to remember is that I want a brand new boat & I’m pretty sure that will help my memory. (wink)


YOU talkin 'bout ME???

Don ‘Dandy Don’ Meredith, Grad from SMU, Quarterback Dallas Cowboys.

They called me Dandy Don for years, I was from Dallas and went to SMU.

We had a guy in my unit that was Greek and his name was so long that the name tag on his uniform stuck out on both sides of the shirt pocket. But there were letters at the beginning that sorta made some sense and it came out in english Soda Poplus, which is what I called him, that got shortened to SodaPop.

We had a LtCol whose last name (for real) was: Masterbaiter.


OMG Don in my flight at tech school we had a guy from Hawaii. His name came close to stretching from button hole to his side. He had 4 P’s in his name & 2 of them were capitals even though it was only 1 word. I tried to say it a couple of times (impossible). Thank God he went by PP.


I’m good at remembering weird names and how to correctly pronounce them. Almost every woman with an odd name has told me that they appreciate it, because everyone gets her name wrong, and it bothers them, but they’ve learned to just expect it. Men on the other hand, don’t seem to much care - at all.


Sounds like you went with women with good taste…I was never looking for women with good taste, I just wanted one that tasted good. I know my standards were high, 18-80, blind, sick or crazy, will, won’t or maybe…