Mississippi House proposes firing squad instead of lethal injection


The Mississippi House wants to allow the state to execute prisoners using a firing squad instead of the lethal injection.
The House amended a Senate Bill on Friday, which made the execution process secret, making it possible to use a firing squad if officials decide lethal injection is too expensive or unavailable.
It passed the amendment 70-39 and the bill 80-39. The Senate will now review it again.
Representative Robert Foster, who proposed the amendment according to the Daily Journal, said afterward that the firing squad is a more humane, effective and less costly option than lethal injection.

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I simply can not believe that the chemicals used to injections are so scare that they are hard to get. I think the explanation is more in line of those that manufacture the injections figure they have those who use it over a barrel.


I am more than a fan of firing squads for those who have committed treason or terrorists but for American citizens. That is a tough pill to swallow. I understand why they were used back in the day. Hell just put them in a room and fill it with carbon monoxide.


By FAR, the most “humane” way to execute the condemned is the method used by the Russians who executed “Citizen X”…a single bullet to the medulla oblongata from a distance of 2"…not to mention cheap. One 9mm round costs about 70 cents. Then again, I’m not a big fan of “humane” executions of our most violent, heinous criminals. I ALMOST subscribe to the idea of killing them in the same fashion as they so callously killed their victims–in some cases, slowly and painfully.


Can’t we just use a slaughter house impact gun?


The guillotine was messy but very cheap, painless and effective; for Terrorist’s and child molesters I think we should just feed them to the pigs, then use the pigs in dog food since the meat will be spoiled.


Dead is dead, doesn’t really matter much how you do it. Firing squad was good enough for Gary Gilmore.

What’s always amazed me is why a predominately Christian nation like America is so fixated on killing people.


[quote=“DHLiberal, post:6, topic:48527”]
Dead is dead, doesn’t really matter much how you do it. Firing squad was good enough for Gary Gilmore.

What’s always amazed me is why a predominately Christian nation like America is so fixated on killing people.
[/quote]The Bible is pretty big on the death penalty. Gather sticks on Saturday? Stoned. Pray to a pagan god? Stoned. Adultery? Stoned. Kill someone intentionally? Are they not your slave or children? Stoned. Make a false religious prophecy? Executed. Commune with ghosts? Executed. Gay male sex? Stoned. Enchant an item(like Holy Water)? Executed. Disrespect God(includes non-Christians)? Stoned.

If we were truly a Christian nation, we’d be killing a LOT more people. And we’d primarily be doing it through stoning.


You are not “amazed”, you are a supporter of the murder of over 60 million innocent babies and counting, Christians are “fixated” on respecting Justice and protecting the innocent from those like you; that is what bothers you.


Forget Christians. No one who wants government with limited power should want the government to have the power to end its citizens’ lives.


That, Trekky, is one stupid and ignorant statement


Agreed, NJC. Without the authority to exact the ultimate punishment for the most vicious, heinous malefactors, no government can possibly stand–especially not one that coddles those it imprisons like we do. I’m reminded of the Hispanic guy who kidnapped that little 14-year-old in California some years back, raped her repeatedly, cut off both of her arms while she was still alive, the strangled her and threw her into a barrow ditch along a highway. When caught and convicted, he was sentenced to life in prison and while leaving the courtroom threw a double “bird” at the cameras following him, indicating that they hadn’t even bothered to handcuff him. The only real “justice” he received was at the hands of his fellow prisoners.


I heard the Former Secretary of State ,in an anti-gun lecture, state that you can’t stop ALL THE GUN VIOLENCE,BUT YOU CAN STOP “SOME OF IT”. La-de-da. How about this one,MS.FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE: Capital Punishment will not stop ALL VIOLENT CRIME, but it will SHO’NUFF STOP SOME OF IT! Repeat offenders are stopped 100% of the time, when a little CAPITAL PUNISHMENT is applied!

Senator Filibuster Foghorn


Literally one hundred countries stand every day who don’t kill their citizens, including every other Western country.


Really? Trekky?



The 1940s and the wartime period saw an increase in the number of executions, including the first executions of women since the 19th century.

In the 1950s to the 1970s, the number of executions steadily decreased, with for example President Georges Pompidou, between 1969 to 1974, giving clemency to all but three people out of the fifteen sentenced to death. President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing oversaw the last executions.

Up to 1981, the French penal code[1] stated that:
Article 12: "Any person sentenced to death shall have his head cut off."
Article 13: "By exception to article 12, when the death penalty is handed down for crimes against the safety of the State, execution shall take place by firing squad."
Article 14: “If the families of the executed persons wish to reclaim the bodies, they shall have them; it shall then be for them to have them buried without any pomp.”

In addition, crimes such as treason, espionage, insurrection, piracy, aggravated murder, kidnapping with torture, felonies committed with the use of torture, setting a bomb in a street, arson of a dwelling house, and armed robbery made their authors liable to the death penalty; moreover, committing some military offenses such as mutiny or desertion or being accomplice or attempting to commit a capital felony were also capital offenses.



Following the abolition of the death penalty for murder, the House of Commons held a vote during each subsequent parliament until 1997 to restore the death penalty. This motion was always defeated, but the death penalty still remained for other crimes:
1.causing a fire or explosion in a naval dockyard, ship, magazine or warehouse (until 1971);
2.espionage[18] (until 1981);
3.piracy with violence (until 1998);
4.treason (until 1998); and
5.certain purely military offences under the jurisdiction of the armed forces, such as mutiny[19] (until 1998). Prior to its complete abolition in 1998, it was available for six offences: 1.serious misconduct in action;
2.assisting the enemy;
3.obstructing operations;
4.giving false air signals;
5.mutiny or incitement to mutiny; and
6.failure to suppress a mutiny with intent to assist the enemy.

However, no executions were carried out in the United Kingdom for any of these offences after the abolition of the death penalty for murder.

Nevertheless, there remained a working gallows at HMP Wandsworth, London, until 1994, which was tested every six months until 1992. This gallows is now housed in the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.[


Europe. So duplicitous. So weak. So not worthy of protecting or allying with.


Any society which ***does not ***require premeditated murderers to sacrifice their own life is a society that does not value innocent human life, that is why you consistently find that the same people who support killing 1 million innocent babies every year also oppose executing criminals convicted of a Capital Offense.

Many see the Left as hypocrites for this but I see them being very consistent, on both issues they support those who destroy innocent human life and oppose Justice for the innocent victims who had their life taken.


Those European nations SAY they don’t use capital punishment. Leftists in this country mistakenly say that these European countries don’t use capital punishment…but the truth of the matter is that they do. They say…we don’t condone the use of capital punishment…except in the following cases…


The sources you yourself gave don’t support that. France hasn’t executed anyone since 1977 and was abolished in 1981 and the last British execution was in 1964 before being abolished in 1965. Which European countries exactly have abolished the death penalty but still perform it?