Mississippi to Remove Confederate Symbol from Flag

These politicians are playing right into the thugs hands.

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I am okay with this change.

The trouble is these thugs never compromise on anything. They just take, take, take. This is why I fear and despise them. They have no decency or desire to work with people. They are spoiled children. This is what your kid is programmed to become when you send him or her to college.

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There was a time when I was sympathetic towards the South’s objections to the removal of the Confederate battle flag. That sympathy ended when the Aryan Nation and KKK were shown to be embracing it and the same Southerners never let out a single peep of objection.

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That’s a good point, @pappadave. Before the Nazis hijacked it, the swastika was a symbol for happiness and good luck. I once owned an advertising medalet that was issued by a doll company which had one on it. I found in an old trunk that had belonged to an aunt. The piece was probably from the 1920s.

I’m genuinely undecided. Those Nazi, skinhead turds also make a show of flying Old Glory.

mostly cause southerners were unaware of that. And how is THAT OUR fault when the left usurps the terms liberty and freedom and America when they’re using it for just the opposite. HOw dare THEY use the American flag in their propaganda and put halos on the heads of the evil.
oh yes…and calling the murder of the unborn pro-choice. How do you do something like that and not feel shame? well…they don’t.

Not possible, Caroline. I was living IN the South when I first became aware of them. The fact is, no one with any political clout in the South seemed to give a crap that these organizations were embracing the Confederate battle flag and waving it as a symbol of their “white supremacy.”