Mitch McConnell Says He Will Sit Down with Chuck Schumer to Discuss Impeachment Proceedings

First he disagrees with Trump on Syria and now … this?

Republican Senators who desperately want Trump gone

TN - Lamar Alexander
WY - John Barrasso
MO - Roy Blunt
NC - Richard Burr
NC - Thom Tillis
ME - Susan Collins
AR - Tom Cotton
IA - Joni Ernst
CO - Cory Gardner
SC - Lindsey Graham
NE - Deb Fischer
NE - Ben Sasse
GA - Johnny Isakson
GA - David Perdue
OK - James Lankford
UT - Mike Lee
UT - Mitt Romney
KY - Mitch McConnell
AK - Lisa Murkowski
AK - Dan Sullivan
KS - Jerry Moran
FL - Marco Rubio
MS - Roger Wicker
PA - Pat Toomey
SD - John Thune

Unless there is a huge bombshell way beyond where we are now, if these senators vote to remove Trump from office, they will be signing the death warrant for the Republican Party. In doing so, they might be signing the death warrant for our way of life given the radical agenda of the Democrat leadership.

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News Flash to Mitch: It’s none of their damn business how you conduct any potential trial as long as you follow the Constitution.

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