Montana GOP chairwoman posts picture of watermelon as bait to kidnap the president.

#1 Real classy woman.


Oh gawd. How many idiots are in politics…is there some sort of genetic attraction?


First, she’s a County Chair, not not the Montana State Chair. Second, while it may be genuine, there is not even rudimentary info from which to verify the provenance and genuineness of the supposed FB page screen capture.

Would some one who hates an R Party official falsely attribute a “racist” photo to her? Would a D partisan hack Sarah Palin’s e-mail account? Would a Bush-Hater hack into G. W. Bush’s FB account and grab a bunch of pix?

Edit: It shouldn’t need to be said, but if it’s genuine, she’s a moron who needs to be replaced.


I won’t lie, I laughed. Still something a politician shouldn’t do. I wouldn’t post that myself as a civilian.


Thats a Conservative blog. Its linked elsewhere. It’ s legit.


the only places its linked are amateur blogs and all use your blog link as the “source”


It’s a liberal post based on the cannibis header People do all sorts of things to get attention and this seems to be a serious hit piece on a second tier business woman.


Thats a Conservative blog.

Here’s what I posted above: “Would some one who hates an R Party official falsely attribute a “racist” photo to her?” Here’s what my comment was based on:

My disdain for the Olsen family is obvious.

OK, maybe “hates” was a little too strong, but it’s in the same league as “disdain”.

Judging from this page I’d say this blogger is a libertarian (or Libertarian). Especially this quote (from a page of miscellaneous quotes): “‘Liberals want the government to be your Mommy. Conservatives want government to be your Daddy. Libertarians want it to treat you like an adult.’ - Andre Marrou”. Doesn’t exactly sound like the blogger cares much for conservatives. I’m guessing, OSB, that either you didn’t really look around the site, or maybe you hoped no one else on RO would.

Then there’s this charming comment from the blog’s Expose a Comrade webpage:

Blow the whistle on corruption, share a juicy piece of news or simply spread a political rumor by emailing us at

Please include any applicable information and supporting documentation you may have, if any.

Yeppers, a real high integrity information source you got there, OSB.

I’ll still stand by what I posted above, that this might actually be genuine. But the credibility of the source makes it look really dubious or worse. And your claim that it’s “a Conservative blog” doesn’t really enhance your credibility either, OSB. I mean, didn’t you even notice that one of its webpages linked at the top of the site’s pages is titled, “2012 Montana Cannabis Voting Guide” (as njc did)? I guess the blogger indulged in too much of his favorite herb to notice it’s 2013! And see that as a hint that the blog actually is either liberal or libertarian/Libertarian? And if you did, didn’t it occur to you that making the claim you made with such a glaring anomaly in plain sight at the top of the blog’s page unwise?


Don’t let Michelle see it, she would want to scraf it down–to protect the children you know:tongue:


Hi everyone,

As the owner of montanafesto, I would like to make a few clarifications. First of all, the post is absolutely true. Jennifer Olsen, co-founder of “Montana Shrugged-Tea Party Patriots” and the current chair of the Republican party in the most populous county in Montana, is a political figure. While she may not be a politician, that is only because she has been unsuccessful in winning elections. My “disdain” for Jennifer is entirely political and is not the result of personal squabbles or pettiness. montanafesto was created to offer conservative commentary in a state blogosphere dominated by the left. While I am a Republican, I admit that I am socially moderate and identify to some extent with the Libertarian party. I am not a marijuana user but I advocate for allowing states to decide whether it is legal within its borders because I don’t believe in selective federalism. Montana’s medical marijuana industry was ruthlessly attacked by the federal government in 2011, with more raids per capita than any other state. Because our population only recently passed one million people, there has been very little media coverage of our troubles.

As for the 2012 Cannabis Voters Guide, you may notice that there are no elections in 2013 and that late this year, there will be a link for the 2014 Cannabis Voters Guide as well. I am well aware of the current year and I am again, not a marijuana user. This is not a personal attack. My blog is devoted to exposing corruption, bigotry, and most of all, dishonesty. We cover uncomfortable topics. Marijuana dominated the blog the last couple of years due to marijuana policy dominating politics in Montana. The 2011 legislative session in Montana was obsessed with the topic and many ridiculous and false statements were made by legislators that I helped elect. I was involved with Montana Shrugged initially. I discovered that the people who founded the group were lacking in integrity among other qualities that I hold dear.

Prior to the 2011 Legislative session, I was as Republican as one could be. I wouldn’t dream of breaking the 11th commandment… until I realized that I had helped to elect politicians who were nothing as they claimed during their campaigns. (I know, big surprise, huh?) I have no problem with attacking the President’s policies. I have never voted for Obama and I have criticized him on montanafesto. That said, his policies and his race are two entirely different things. As a fiscal conservative, I align more with the GOP than I do the Democrats, so I have a vested interest in purging the party of this sort of ugliness. Olsen has not issued an apology and her only statement that I know of was to a local blog in which she said the post was “absolutely not true”. I wish that was true. I really do.

Anyway, if you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them. I would have preferred that a website more conservative than the Daily Kos would have picked up on this, but I’m not surprised.


She sure shut down her Facebook page in a hurry. If someone posted something like that about me that was untrue, I wouldnt remain silent. I would be making a hell of alot of noise.


I thought it rather droll. What should she have used? Golf balls. Reggie Love’s undies?


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