BAN HIM/HER making the rest of us look bad.:cry:

Huh? Did I miss something somewhere?

Monte came out of nowhere and became king of the arcade.

excuse me

I still own that title for now.

Better hurry on out of retirement, buck-o.

I don’t see Monte posting very much around here, he must just be here for the games…er…in the arcade :smiley:

I turn my back for a day or 2!

The hustle never ends, baby.

I had my day in the sun in the early days of the arcade. I don’t even try anymore. I don’t even know what all the games they have in there anymore. I used to be a big fan of Asteroids and Aero Chaos.

I think the top except Monte should rise up against him and take away all of his high scores.

tp erkins has been busy

So have you.

Have to keep things interesting!

Guess I need to jump back in.

Dang, wish I could still keep up… :dead:

Maybe after my schoolwork dies down I’ll go through and overthrow TPerkins.

Until then, Flash Chess only for me.

Just want the glory for a day or 2. Still have a ways to go to catch BigDork.

I can overtake you both then, should be fun.

I had to even change my avatar because I couldn’t keep my 42 high score standard up.

I will beat all of you.

KING OF THE ARCADE!!! Well at least until Big Dork logs in again. But for now:banana: :beerchug: :slayer: :dog: :biggrin: :tongue: :rolleyes: :wink: