More Confusion!!!!

My bank account shows two different things which I hope you can see below?

The fixed option states:
Payoff Amount

This is the amount due to payoff this fixed option and does not include any revolving balances due.
(It also says my payment is $217.00 a month.)

The ‘other’ account says:

I don’t understand any of this?

I only have one loan of $25,000 but two different statements?

Do I have to pay on both?
$217.00 + $231.00?

I just don’t understand it all and my loan officer is Now going to be out the rest of the week!!

P.S. What does that arrow mean, pointing to the Fixed Option account?

That is confusing. My guess is after you make payments & it reflects them it will make more sense. As for the Home Equity/Fixed Option I “assume” that it’s saying you have a home equity loan & all of it is at a fixed percent. (rather than an adjustable rate which would change). If you have questions I would call & talk to any loan officer. You shouldn’t have to wait to talk to your loan officer.

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Between the eight grand missing, the two different account options and my loan officer being out … It has me all tied up in worrisome knots! 8(

This is ridiculous.

Go down to the bank and get someone to 'splain it to you, AND DON’T LEAVE UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND IT COMPLETELY!

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With the missing $8,000 I’m a little surprised that your loan person didn’t get someone else to try to handle that problem before they left. If it were me I wouldn’t leave without a handle on where that money was.

Don’t misunderstand . . . I’m not saying “you’re” ridiculous. I’d just be furious with the bank. They shouldn’t have left you hanging like that.

If it were me, I’d put them on notice that I’m considering putting my money in ANOTHER bank (whether you are or not . . . make’m nervous, and get it across that you are an angry customer.)