More cool stuff coming from Texas!


Somehow Texas seems to be the “beacon” for sanity! LOL!

Texas Considers Giving Tax Break for Violating ObamaCare | Obamacare | Fox Nation


Texas has always been the beacon of sanity. Texas is what America is supposed to be.


Sure seems that way! If it weren’t so hot, I’d seriously consider moving. Seriously.


102F is not hot!!


Oh, but you’re gonna tell me it’s a “dry” heat??? UGH!!! Good Lord! Anything above 65 is too hot for me! I’m afraid I’d melt!


I won’t lie to you. Sometime it is a dry heat but other times it is humid. I have an aunt who is just like you. The heat won’t kill you you just have to know how to stay cool.


Baby, I’m ALWAYS cool!! :hippy: Where is the coolest location in Texas?


In the Panhandle. Now if by cool you mean its pop culture meaning then IMO anywhere not in the cities.


Thanks. I’ll check it out. And, yes…I was referring to temperature…although being “cool” is important to me…:awkward: