More idiocy in public schools


For those who claim that public schools and public school teachers are teaching rather than indoctrinating, read on…

» English Teacher Stomps on American Flag During Class Lecture » The Loft – GOPUSA

My guess is that this “teacher” will be back in the classroom after a few weeks of paid leave. Public schools are the rot of this country.


To begin, as an American, I have the highest respect for what that flag stands for, what that flag represents, and those who have done a lot more than me to make that flag still flies. As a teacher, I can say without hesitation that this was inappropriate, controversial, and not only wasted precious time for education but also now has been the entire year’s ciricula in a tailspin. In addition, regardless of the message being sent, the violent and overtly offensive act is a poor choice in examining symbolism and nonverbal messages. He not only offended a great many people, he brought shame to himself, controversy to his school, and distraction to his students.

The point he was making however, its not dogmatic nor indoctrination in the topic of the display, but rather in his method. He was trying to explain that the flag is a symbol. Its not just a piece of cloth, it represents something. I would have then pointed to my FSU Plague (GO NOLES!) and said, that symbol represents me, my fellow students, the college of FSU, the football team of FSU, etc. I then would explain how we can express nonverbal communication with symbolism. For example, doing as this man did, than saluting it to show a juxaposed comparison. I then would have added smashing my FSU plaque as further reinforcement. The guy is an obvious liberal, a buffoon, a controversial harlet, and most likely an annoying person to be around in the lounge. But, please don’t accuse every teacher of dogma/indoctrination, we ain’t all like that.


I appreciate your comments and for the most part, I agree. However, if one is a public school teacher, one must teach what is dictated. There are no exceptions. And, who dictates what is to be dictated? Why the NEA! The NEA is the most corrupt and poisonous government entity paid for by taxpayer dollars in Washington…bar none. If you are a public school teacher, I applaud you for trying to work within a corrupt system. But, you and your students will all lose in the end–just look at the last 40+ years of public education has accomplished. Lots of murdering rampages, but not much else in academic excellence.

P.S. I lived and taught in South Florida for over 11 years. I hated it. (Not the teaching, though.)