More on Gosnell Trial


This article on the trial of mengelesque gosnell and the liberal media’s complicity in attempting to subvert attention away from the horrors of the abortion industry hits the many nails on their heads–especially the part about the real purpose of abortion mills–$$$ as I have mentioned before on this forum. Check it out.

» Adamo: Gosnell Trial Reveals Much About America’s Downfall » Commentary – GOPUSA


Yep. Liberals will do anything to protect their love of killing babies.


After 2 days …still no verdict. I was getting worried about what SHOULD be a slam dunk set of convictions…but this explains that the jury is wrestling about the CO-DEFENDANTS who are also facing charges but are not as clear cut as the ringmaster of death.

"CBS/AP) PHILADELPHIA - A jury has finished its second full day of deliberations in the murder trial of a Philadelphia abortion doctor without reaching a verdict.

**Questions from the panel this week suggest jurors remain focused on lesser charges against Gosnell’s co-defendant and former employee, unlicensed doctor Eileen O’Neill.
The 56-year-old Phoenixville woman is charged with racketeering for working at Gosnell’s clinic, and theft by deception for allegedly billing as a doctor.
Jurors started deliberating Tuesday afternoon and asked again Thursday to rehear evidence about O’Neill.


Thanks for the update, Cam! I’ve been so busy with other things that I haven’t kept up on what was happening. We must pray that the jurors aren’t swayed by other factors. I just put on the local Baltimore news and there hasn’t been a word on it for the past 30 minutes. Typical, I guess.