More than 1,200 new planets that could hold life found

The US space agency has just announced the discovery of the new “exoplanets” which are considered as similar to Earth due to their distance from the star they orbit.
Timothy Morton, associate research scholar at Princeton University in New Jersey, said: “We have discovered 1,284 new planets - the most explanets ever announced at one time.”

NASA HISTORIC ANNOUNCEMENT: More than 1,200 new planets that could hold life found | Science | News | Daily Express

This is getting interesting. We have several organizations plus governments into space exploration and now it seems there may be more earth like planets that could be colonized. I figure in the next 50 years we could have men on other planets barring government red tape.

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We may finally find intelligent life…sure isn’t much on earth.

Wait, isn’t NASA a pawn of the government’s climate change takeover of the world? Why do we believe them about exoplanets anymore than we believe than about global warming?

Huh? :confused:

Distance from their sun is just one of a legion of factors necessary to sustain life. The moon is at the right distance.

Just think…It used to be 1201.

When NASA posts about global warming, it’s ignored (or treated as part of a “global warming conspiracy”). But when NASA posts about exoplanets, it’s accepted as the Gospel Truth.

Double standard much?

Who are you referring to? I am not a climate change denier.

Aside from the obvious fact that the global warmists have gotten caught cooking the numbers, the existance of exoplanets is pretty well settled science. Global warming- man made or otherwise- is anything but.

Why would NASA endorse scientific claims that aren’t “settled”?

The same reason they would be tasked with Islamic outreach; politics.

So if you think NASA will compromise it’s scientific integrity based on politics, why do you believe them on the existence of exoplanets? Why believe them when they say anything, if they’re that corrupt?

Because there’s little if any political hay to make on exoplanets.

Except for billions at stake with next-generation and space-based telescopes, and interstellar missions.

But aside from all that money, yeah, no reason for NASA to lie.

[quote=“DHLiberal, post:14, topic:48728”]
Except for billions at stake with next-generation and space-based telescopes, and interstellar missions.

But aside from all that money, yeah, no reason for NASA to lie.
[/quote]It doesn’t come with the same kind of draconian policy prescriptions that global warming does. No one’s been caught cooking the books for it. Doesn’t mean someone hasn’t, but it also doesn’t create an excuse for the authoritarians in power to increase and exercise their power directly in the lives of everyone.

There is no substantive debate over the “cause” of exoplanets. Regardless of whether you are a Creationist or an evolutionist, no one is proposing anthropoegenic exoplanets that require everyone to alter their lifestyles drastically. It’s not so clear with global warming. The earth has had many climate changes – long before man could cause them. Maybe man can do nothing or merely little to change the climate for good or bad. Even if man is causing it today, the debate about what to do with it is far from settled. Maybe we just need to adapt to new circumstances, higher sea levels and such, so we can continue to enjoy our prosperity.

I know you think you have a real good gotcha here, but it’s just not the same. The stakes really are much lower. If a scientist cooks the books on an exoplanet, no one’s going to care, not the same way they do when climate data is corrupted. If scientists are wrong about it, we waste a “little” public money. With global warming, our public policy response may lay waste to entire economies. Being wrong there has a lot of consequences. It stands to reason that the folks liberals intend to throw under the bus question the authorities.

This should be obvious to you, but you had to try right? Take it to a climate change thread now, please, and leave this thread uncontroversial.

There is no debate on climate change. Denialists exist as a fringe element of the far right American conservative movement.

But by all means go on believing that an organization that “cooks the books” on climate change can be an authority on anything else. Cognitive dissonance is fun!


You wondered why. You kept badgering FC about it. I answered you. I’m sorry you don’t like the answer :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting that you turned my whole comment into something about denialists alone when that’s not all I discussed. There is plenty of debate on climate change. If there were no debate, you wouldn’t bother arguing about it. Straw man is fun too isn’t it.

I’m going to boil the answer down to something really simple for you:

  1. If you don’t put this match to your house, everyone dies.

  2. We found planets.

That’s the difference between these two subjects. (and this statement has nothing to do with denial or acceptance)

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Bull dookie. They’ve been caught and exposed for cooking the numbers.

Unwilling pawn if anything. Obama took away a lot of NASA’s funding when it come to space things, and then forced the agency to place their resources towards global warming stuff. A lot of internal NASA people were (and still are) pissed. Global warming was never supposed to be anything NASA was concerned about. It’s the National Aeronautics and Space Administration name for a reason.

With that said, part of the mission of NASA is also to understand other planets better by understanding Earth. The problem is Obama made them political by doing the redirection of funds thing. I’ll admit I’m biased here, I’ve been a NASA supporter for a long time, but everything Obama has done to NASA to politicize is has me pretty incensed. I tend to trust stuff regarding other planets and space that they still do, but I ignore the global warming drivel. I hope any new president gets NASA back on track with what it normally does. After all, a bunch of NASA inventions we use in our daily lives.

Stuff like Memory Foam mattresses, Insulation, portable cordless vacuums, water filters, scratch resistant glasses lenses, modern workout machines, insulin pumps, infrared ear thermometers, catscans, smoke detectors, solar energy, computer microchips, LED’s, etc etc. Seriously, NASA is probably one of the FEW government agencies that have done a LOT of good. We should bring that back. NASA is not the enemy. Science is not your enemy. Politics is. Support the exploration of space, and the advancement of our science and technology funded and available to everybody. This will yield real benefits for humanity. It already has, and we have hurt it. We again, should bring it back like it was.


No truer words!