More Than 14 Killed in Mass Shooting at Southern California Social Services Facility


More Than 14 Killed in Mass Shooting at Southern California Social Services Facility; Suspects at Large | NBC Southern California


This one is bizzarre. These jihadists (if it is jihadists) are nothing like the Paris jihadists…kind of incompetent if you ask me despite managing to kill 14.


chasing a black male in a white tee shirt through someone’s backyard.

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Sounding to me now more like a gang thing…


I know one thing … Shep Smith is a ¥£€§. I suggest we feed him to ISIS.


This going around now!

On Twitter: one suspect in custody an ARABIC FEMALE.:plain:




Lone Wolf & his Mate on a Rampage ( Swarthy Chap & his squeeze )


Police identify 2nd suspect in San Bernardino, Calif., shooting as 27-year-old woman Tashfeen Malik; say woman was in relationship with suspect Syed Farook


At first blush, this appears to be a case of workplace violence (the shooter worked at the Department of Health, and shot up its holiday party), but it’s too soon to tell. The names of the victims haven’t been released, which might indicate whether the guy was trying to target his superiors. There were apparently two shooters - a couple, perhaps a husband and wife. That’s extraordinarily unusual. The guy on his dating profile listed target shooting as an interest and he legally owned several guns; he appears to be yet another into gun culture. The LA Times reported that he recently traveled to Saudi Arabia, but whether that means a darn thing is uncertain.

Terrorism or a gun nut gone postal? Too soon to tell.


RIIIIIIGHT!!! Syad Farook, and his wife from Saudi Arabia; House is a bomb factory, armed to the teeth-- the county had thrown them a baby shower for their new born, just another young Muslim couple ----no, this WAS a Muslim Terrorist attack by radicalized young people who were just a fine part of the community.
When YOU allow your pacifist leanings to be a danger to your family and friends I have to question YOUR motives–are you that abject coward or just don’t care one whit about your own family or the people around you.
IT IS TIME to clean house of the Muslim scourge until the Muslim will stand up to a man and put an end to these travesties. They won’t do this because IT IS part of the Koran. Do you know which Muslim is friend and which Muslim is foe? will you bet the security of your family on it?


Oh stop it. I’m no “pacifist” because I refuse to jump to conclusions simply because the guy - an American citizen - is Muslim. Why not wait until the facts are in? It may well be terrorism, but what’s truly tragic is folks like yourself who insist on elevating a war against Islamofascists into a war against a billion Muslims. You want a new crusade? You seek a self-fulfilling prophecy? Then may God/Allah have mercy on you and your kids.


Oh, yes, I think you are. and never link God with allah. Allah is a manufactured deity taken from the Arabic moon god. There is NOTHING that links Islam to Judaism or Christianity. and by the way, the facts are mostly in.—you lose.


When I was hearing about this, they were talking about three possible suspects.


I’d be willing to bet there are more .


I’m with njc17. Maybe it’s early to know the whole story. But it sure as **** was also pretty damn early for President Obama to use it as another excuse to advocate gun control too. I read the details this morning in an article from no less than the LA Times. Then I read another article, and all the comments are from around 8 PM yesterday blaming GOP rhetoric and the NRA. Well by the time I’d gone to bed, I saw something from Drudge that identified the shooter as Syed Fahood. I was surprised the next morning to see that kind of information was allowed to go into print in such a liberal publication.

I was home sick yesterday and had NBC on all afternoon, and all there was is talk about mass shootings. My hope is it’s plain to see that for what it is… Talk about rhetoric, more than once I saw commenters talking about the 355th mass shootings and the hilarity of making the claim that we now have more shootings than there are days in the year. You know… because 355 is greater than 365 in the brilliant mind of a mainstream media fed liberal zombie.


God and Allah are one and the same. Deal with it.


But it sure as f*** was also pretty damn early for President Obama to use it as another excuse to advocate gun control too

Agreed. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe it’s terrorism. But’s too early to jump to hateful conclusions, as njc does.


Owns more than one gun, obviously a gun nut! Goes on a trip to Saudi Arabia, too soon to tell if that means anything! I apologise Jazz but if your biased positions weren’t so obvious we wouldn’t take much issue with your stated positions.


Just work place violence by a couple of muslims move along nothing to see here.