More than 70 killed as truck crashes into Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France


France: Nice jihad murderer is Muslim of Tunisian origin

PARISFrance’s national holiday turned bloody and violent Thursday night in the southern city of Nice, as a truck drove through crowds of Bastille Day revelers for more than a mile along a promenade.
French officials said more than 70 people were killed, as the death toll climbed throughout the night. The vehicle was a large white truck, similar to a tractor-trailer.

Truck crashes into Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France - Washington Times

A 31-year-old Niçois of Tunisian origin was driving the truck that claimed over 70 people on the Prom in Nice on Thursday night.

The Frenchman was 31 years old.

According to our information, it was a Niçois from Tunisia who drove the truck. The young man of 31 years also fired on the crowd as he drove. More than 70 people died.

At least 77 are dead after a truck drove into the crowd after the fireworks in Nice.

His truck was loaded with weapons and grenades.


I wonder if they are going to ban trucks? Kind of proves the point that there are a lot more ways to kill people than just guns.


I was going to say something about the monsters who pull these terrorist attacks but I just can’t find decent enough words to post on a public forum!

My God, I can’t imagine the pain that the people who survived must be going through … especially the parents of innocent children like the little girl below!

A child’s doll lies on the street beside the body of a young girl who was killed in last night’s attack in Nice in the south of France


Islamic terrorists are at war with the West, but the West is not at war with them. At some point we will decide we are in a real war. However, it has been made abundantly clear during the last 8 years, this president/administration has not been and is not up to the task.

Among other things, Obama fears creating collateral damage should we go all out in waging war/killing these people. He utterly fails to recognize the bodies laying on the promenade in Nice, France and those thousands of innocent victims of previous Islamist attacks ARE collateral damage resulting from our failure/refusal to go to Raqqa and other Islamic jihadist strongholds in the ME to kill these bastards on a wholesale basis.

IMO - The Republican Congress needs to take a floor vote on a declaration of war against the Radical Islamist Caliphate. Obama will do nothing, but such a floor vote/declaration might demonstrate Republicans are serious about taking the fight to these killers and kick-start the next POTUS. We must have LEADERSHIP - The world must have it. Obama is a lost cause - a failure on every level and in virtually every way. No man is so blind as he who WILL NOT see.


Obama doesn’t give a rip about collateral damage; he just doesn’t want to hurt the guilty.


Obama doesn’t give a rip about collateral damage; he just doesn’t want to hurt the guilty.
Obama’s way of dealing with these people is so far from my thoughts that I have no idea what’s he’s thinking or for that matter what he hopes to achieve. I do know that where your dealing with a bully a sign of weakness almost always results in them attacking more and everything Obama has done so far comes across as weakness. Seems to me when someone says we will kill who we want, when we want the proper response is so will we & we will do it faster & better.


As most of you know(especially you old timers of RO) I believe there are peaceful Islamists and that a majority of Muslims just want to live a peaceful life practicing their religion. I find it hard to believe that they want to live a life of hatred and war. No one(no sane person) wants that kind of life for them or their children but this is not the purpose of my post.

If seems like there has been a terrorist attack at least once a month this past year. Do I blame it on the recent immigration of Muslims into western countries? Yes, completely. Terrorists are easily slipping into western countries because the liberals elements in each of their countries are to scared to put them under any kind of spotlight because it may make them seem like bigots(scary word). There is noting wrong with making sure the people coming of here are no threat to the USA.

If the government cannot guarantee our safety by vetting immigrants from countries when terrorist are spawning from, then what in the hell do we need them for?


How are you supposed to vet someone with no ID, no birth certificate, no computer trail, no nothing? You can’t “vet” them.


Given the current climate, people like that are a security risk and should be detain in a refugee camp until they can provide proof of who they claim to be.


[quote=“Seravee, post:9, topic:49078”]
Given the current climate, people like that are a security risk and should be detain in a refugee camp until they can provide proof of who they claim to be.
[/quote]That’s mostly how they’re being handled. But if they can leave the camp, it can make for a fine base of operations.


To me the whole situation is…well…kind of crazy. Since what, the 1920’s we have controlled the immigration to our country. We pick & choose who is & who isn’t allowed to immigrate here. So now we have a certain segment of population that has not only stated they would but in the past has opening attacked our society. So members of that segment are allowed in mass & while not being vetted to immigrate here. Seems strange.
Not the same but…Compare the immigration rule to those of Pit Bull dogs. I’ve never seen an aggressive pit bull. Most are very friendly & loving. But because of their power & size a lot of states have rules about owning them. Why? Because every now & then an aggressive pit bull will hurt or kill someone. All are punished because of a few aggressive one’s. Yet here we have aggressive people that have a goal of hurting or killing as many people as possible & our federal government tells the states that they must be allowed in. Something just seems wrong.