Morgan Freeman Quote About Sandy Hook Tragedy Is a Tacky Hoax


The Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings are inexplicable, tragic, and horrific. As such, naturally, people search for a culprit. The media, camped out in trucks all around Newtown, Connecticut, working in 24-hour cycles to bring us every detail, is an easy target.A quote attributed to actor Morgan Freeman has gone viral on Facebook. Essentially, someone claiming to be Freeman blames the media for Sandy Hook, claiming the media’s coverage makes the shooter famous and makes more people want to do things like this.

Viral Morgan Freeman Quote About Sandy Hook Tragedy Is a Tacky Hoax | The Stir

I think the point gained is that when some event happens there are always those individuals who step forward and try to make something out of it. Some fabricate phony quotes, some claim some special knowledge or insight they do not possess just to drive their point across. These people are no better than the members of the Westboro Church who go out of their way to create controversy.

Some do so to muddy the water in case of an investigation. There are a lot of sick peope who will do things like this for their own reasons.


A woman called to repeat that to me the other night, making like it was all so profound. Yawn.

People have been screaming at the media to quit making hero’s out of the scumbags who commit these atrocities for years. The warped scumbags do it for the fame they’ll get out of it, but the media just can’t resist thinking repeating the names of scum proves they ‘have the scoop,’ which somehow translates into self-glorification.

So I guess you can put me on the list of those who care far more who the victims are/were.