Mother, 5-year-old son among 6 killed in I-95 crash


A bit late, I know but I have been seething over this and wanted to wait until I was sane again!
(No smarty pants retorts!):angry:

What bothers me is how the “News” never bothers asking the important questions!

Where were these Illegals coming from?

How did they enter the country?

Who owns the van and why was an Illegal driving?

It took the local news station three days to report what was already suspected … Illegals!
(There were 16 people in the van!)

Mother, 5-year-old son among 6 killed in I-95 crash

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. – On the day the man charged in a fatal crash that killed six people on Interstate 95 appeared in court, police released the names of the three men, one woman and a child killed in the crash:

Epifanio Texmoxtle, 33, of Mexico (male)
Elvira Montiel, 40, of Mexico, (female)
Josè Montiel, 5, of Mexico (male and son of Elvira Montiel)
Andres F. Francisco, 36, of Guatemala (male)
Juan Diego, 37, of Guatemala (male)

Police are still working to get in contact with the sixth victim’s family before releasing that victim’s name.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) all of the victims were in the country illegally, including the driver.

On Tuesday, ICE lodged a detainer on the driver of the van, Wenceslao Cruz-Marquez, who is currently at Pamunkey Regional Jail.

All six people who died in the crash were thrown from a passenger van that overturned at about 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 18.

Mother, 5-year-old son among 6 killed in I-95 crash |


Illegally? There’s no law anymore. They’re here; they can vote and they can live off the public teat.

This country is DONE.