Move To Dump Ryan, Is There Time?


The Wisconsin Tea Party has accepted Ryan’s declaration of war against the Conservative base and set up a Facebook page to start building support to Primary him.

Probably way to late for this election but Boehner taught us that once an Establishment shill is elected Speaker they will never be ousted unless the GOP loses the majority or their own district throws them out of office; the GOP will never replace you.

Wisconsin will have to save us or we are doomed regardless of who wins the White House, the GOP only denies “The power of the purse” when they need an excuse; they know EXACTLY how to use it to stop a Conservative President if we manage to get one elected.


problem is, they oust Paul Ryan then who takes his place? especially in a RINO based congress?


There are some strong Conservatives in the House, if we Primary out every Statist shill the GOP gives the seat to they will stop blocking the Conservatives out of self preservation if nothing else.