mp3 file

I don’t spoze there is a way to attach an mp3 file to my profile?

As a link to something or embedded?

[quote=“RET423, post:2, topic:43355”]
As a link to something or embedded?
[/quote] errr… what does embedded mean in this context?

would the easiest way be to do a short blog and include it as a link in the blog?

(I feel like the dunce of the forum as far as mechanics. but I am learning…)

Embedded would be when the mp3 appears in the post and a link would be when the mp3 is located on another sites server but can be accessed by clicking a link that you put in a post, blog entry or your signature.

When someone posts a video they usually are linking to a YouTube video, RO does not have the video hosted on their server. Many pictures are posted here the same way, images linked from other websites. If these pictures or videos appear to be part of the post they are using an “embed code”, if they are just links that open another browser window the files are “linked”. I always upload a copy of the images I want to post (embed) to RO’s server so they won’t disappear at some future time when the external site takes them down or moves them to a different URL.

I have never tried to upload an audio file to RO’s server, there may be a file size limitation that prevents this. If the audio you want to use is already hosted somewhere else then creating a link to it would be easier;

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I have been trying to embed this same audio file but no luck using the “embed video” option, it just appears as code like this;

I think the website needs to have an MP3 BB code created for this to work and have a player like flash enabled, I have seen vbulletin sites where this works but an admin must have added the feature.

yes, sometimes when I fondly imagine I have successfully “embedded” an image from a web site, a week later it’s gone. so it’s safer to use a link, but you lose the “immediate impact” factor. anyway, for now, I will stick to links when it comes to mp 3 files. thanks very much for your reply.