MSM Still in Campaign Mode


What do Republicans like Romney or Bush do when they lose an election or when their time in politics is long overdue? They retire to their ranches or mansions and stay quiet! What do democrats do when they lose or win elections? They still keep at it, pushing their issues down the throats of any american who is willing to listen.

Let me give you a couple examples:
Jimmy Carter is still globe trotting around
Al Gore created Global Warming-and the internet!
Bill Clinton is the undisputed King of the Democrats

I’ve seen in the news just the past few days:

Pot Legalization
Banning Guns
Sandra Fluke Nominated for Person of the Year- along with a slew of other lefties.
Various Christmas attacks
Various insults to the Tea Party (which contrary to popular conservative belief I believe is going away since there was no large Tea Party victory in Congress this election like in 2010 and most of them lost re-election)

It’s only going to get worse from here!


It is all about ideology with the Democrats they are operating in total war mode.

The radicals of the sixties are in total control of the Democratic (communist) Party now.
The Government should have taken my advice in the sixties and killed several thousand of the traitors, more if necessary, nipped it in the bud, so to speak.


Yes You’ve reminded me about a quote I like that Dennis Miller once said:

“The hippies that used to fight against the man, now have become Big Brother.”