MSM: Trump is in cahoots with Russia.


See Democrats accuse Trump of disloyalty over Clinton emails:

"The GOP nominee’s comments sparked an immediate furor at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, as well as claims by Clinton’s campaign that Trump was endangering national security and even conspiring with a U.S. foe."

But the truth is, Obama and Russia seem to be conspiring as proven by THIS VIDEO starring Obama and the former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev


***80% of green energy money taxed away from hard working American Citizens WENT TO the Hillary Clinton / Obama Administration’s donors!


Interesting how the media can take 2 words (like Russia & Trump) & build a whole “thing” about it. I guess the Hillary stories are now on the back burner.


Democrats are mad at Trump for him asking Russia to find the 30000 emails Hillary lost. :no:


PPPss I heard obama is married to an alien from outer space pass it on