MSN Slams BO's foreign policy! Unbelievable!


I read this and thought I was on drugs. They’re finally getting it! Read on!

Obama’s catastrophic Syria folly


CT - please note - the MSM/this article is not excoriating Obama for being too strong - he is being criticized for not being weak enough in their eyes - for deploying up to 50 military personnel. The MSM would prefer no military be deployed. In addition, notice the author is upset that Guantanamo is not yet closed. In reality, Obama is simply attempting to appear to be doing something while not accomplishing much of anything. He is perfectly content to hand the debacle he has created as a result of pulling out of Iraq to the next POTUS.

The fact is, thanks to Obama the United States has lost influence over the outcomes in the ME, and what allies we had have been meeting with Putin (even Netanyahu, Egypt, the Saudis) in order to seek shelter from the eventual fallout over the inevitable collapse of decades old alliances in the region. We have demonstrated we cannot be counted upon. Obama has literally handed the region over to Russian/Iranian influence and control. Sending in 50 more “air traffic controllers” will have no impact. The ME has vast oil reserves - what’s going to happen if/when the Russians/Iran decide to put the “squeeze” on supplies to the Baltic States/Europe?? What’s taking place in the ME right now - TODAY - will likely have dire global consequences in the not too distant future. Obama has not only allowed the Russian Bear to get its nose under the tent, Obama has held the door open wide to allow its entry inside. With Obama’s complete withdrawal from Iraq and with the “help” of his policy of “leading from behind” and the regional instability thus created - giving rise to myriad terrorist groups/ISIS - the lives and limbs of our military have been pissed away, as has been our treasure spent in the region. The ME has been lost. This is the community organizer’s legacy!!

When the MSM begins writing about this, you will know they have awakened to reality. I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Well, you are absolutely correct, of course. However, my point was that any kind of criticism of BO by the leftist media is an improvement. He definitely has ruined our standing globally, and for the most part, most countries view us now as a paper tiger who will fork over billions of dollars for doing nothing.


CT - point well taken.