MSNBC Reporter In Mexico Refutes Media Narrative: Majority Of Caravan Are Men, Not Seeking Asylum


A random act of journalism… It will not be tolerated!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The talking heads must have been “Shocked” to hear the truth!?
(The newswoman was making up stuff to fit her narrative. He gave a real report.)

Well, he’ll be looking for work soon.:unamused:

Seeking ‘asylum’ for economic reasons (or “freebies”) is not a valid reason to invade a country!


Wow! An MSNBC reporter giving a report that backs up the president. I don’t watch MSNBC, but it’s my understanding that that doesn’t happen often.

On my local ABC affiliate radio station, I’ve noticed they frequently say, “the president said …, without any evidence.” Morons! I want to jump into the radio and slap some sense into them! The president has infinite information resources at his fingertips. Just because he doesn’t say how he knows something doesn’t mean there isn’t evidence. And of course they never said that when reporting on Obama.