MSNBC's Anti-parent video

This is typical commie-thought. Every parent, grandparent, or relative of children should be shaking in their boots.

*“Want to opt your children out of sex education? Home school? Have a say in whether your child receives contraceptives? The left has long resisted parental authority to make such decisions. Instead, they advocate that we do what is best for society.”

And, this is what is pushed through covertly in public schools everyday. More of the “post-birth-abortion” horror growing by leaps and bounds. What’s next???


I heard this video when a teacher played it while explaining to another teacher why we must spend more on public education (clearly the problem must be that we don’t spend enough).

It shows how deluded some people are.

It also shows what public schools and many public school teachers/officials value the most…$$$. Public schools are saturated with marxist-communist-atheistic ideology and they are indoctrinating our children. Every day I read a new article about some idiotic incident in a public school. And each day they get nuttier and nuttier.

I noticed that one of the comments pointed out that Gosnell killed more children than the Boston bomber…

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It wasn’t supposed to be. The same one appeared somewhere else too, I think. I can only guess that it was accidentally approved instead of deleted. I see that it’s gone now.

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