MSNBC's Matthews claims it's unconstitutional for Romney to challenge Obama


This week, MSNBC “star” Chris Matthews made the following statement

, clearly speaking out of frustration as he watched President Obama wilt under the scrutiny of the second presidential debates where he was challenged repeatedly by Republican Mitt Romney.“I don’t think he understands the Constitution of the United States…He’s the president of the United States. You don’t say, ‘you’ll get your chance.’”
Chris Matthews was angry with Romney challenging the president on his record during the course of an election to unseat him.
Imagine that.

MSNBC’s Matthews claims it’s unconstitutional for Romney to challenge Obama

Ok everyone here is your daily dose of stupidity from the Liberal media.


Deja Vu?


I want Romney to win just to see the liberal media explode!!! That will be fun.

Oh wait, Matthews already did that after he lost the first debate.


I posted this yesterday:


Matthews is an idiot who is so blinded by hate for America he cannot see, he is as bad as Bill Maher who was a failed stand up comedian