MTG speaks out against American Gulag

I watched and I see that this lady feels passionate about this but what is she talking about? What’s going on

What??!! She is talking about the Jan. 6 Patriot Protestors being held in jails without due process !!!.

The fascist state has told them that they can not get out on bail unless they denounce President Trump and denounce the so-called insurrection. And after 10 months of balls to the walls investigation and intimidation tactics they only have misdemeanor charges pending. They all sing the National Anthem at 9PM every evening. I don’t know if I should scream or cry. 90% of the spineless GOP elected officials are silent. They’re afraid of being labeled supporters of an insurrection. These patriots deserve their day in court and pay the price for their petty crimes but they are being treated worse than prisoners at Gitmo. It’s hideous.

Now will you people finally agree with me that Democrats are Nazis and they are the enemy of America?

Damn. I can’t believe this happened in my country

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I keep saying it . . . .

But, I must say, anyone who actually showed up to the capitol to “storm” it was either antifa, or a complete moron. I can understand standing around outside holding picket signs. As soon as people started entering the building, that’s when the warning signs should have gone off and people should have said nope, time to go home.

True, but cops opened the doors and let them in. Its all on video.

Let me rephrase that; as soon as they started letting people in they should have ran the other way

Hindsight is always 20.20

I forget what thread it was Trumpgurl; you said something along the lines of; in the USA you can’t just enter the capitol of el presidente and take control of the country. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

One of the best lines I ever read. If we were all discussing this in person I’d hug you for that.

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LOL. Thanks.
But its true. The bureaucracy is so big and huge that no physical location can be occupied and take control of the country. Therefore, this group was never ever a threat to the country.

In a little banana republic where all authority rests in one dictator, sure, you can take his palace and take over the country. America is not built that way.

That is why every fake news jerk who published hysteria about a threat to our democracy, or the worst thing since the civil war, is a total liar.

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I get it. I wish I could remember what thread that was. One of the coolest off the cuff comments ever. Hilarious. :joy:


We’re at the point where anyone who says comparisons with Nazi Germany or the NAZI Party is “over the top” is full of crap.

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Guilty as charged.

Again, I agree. I see two little links below your post. What are those? Can you link a post to other threads? I never noticed that before?

Going into the Capitol the way those people did was stupid and wrong. They should be prosecuted.

The Democrats’ reaction is becoming equally stupid and wrong. These people are not like the group that assassinated Abraham Lincoln and tried to behead the rest of the government. They were a group of overzealous political supporters who went over the top.

They should not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. They should not housed in dirty, moldy jails. They should be given due process. All of that now seems to have been denied to them.

It sends a stark message of what the leadership of the Democrat Party has become and what they will be like as they gain more power. Their goal is to crush the opposition and install one party rule with the Bill of Rights trampled in the process.

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