Mucinex and the war on drugs


Recently, I purchased Mucinex D from my local pharmacy. On the aisle of the cold remedies, only pictures cards of Mucinex D were displayed, instead of the product, so I assumed it needed to be obtained from the counter. I took one of the cards to the counter and was asked to produce a driver’s license. I assumed the pharmacist wanted to make sure I was at least 18 years of age. Instead, he scanned the bar code, which was followed by a paragraph and a signature block on the screen normally used for a debit or credit card signature. The paragraph stated something about federal law and the sale of pseudoephederine being kept in a database and monitored.

Now, I am all for law enforcement with probable cause and a warrant kicking in the door of a suspected meth producer.

However, who is the federal government to know what type of cold medicine I am purchasing and to keep a database on what type of cold medicine I am purchasing? I have never manufactured or sold drugs, but I am placed under scrutiny by the federal government for purhcasing cold medicine.

Also, the fact information is entered into a database by swiping the magnetic strip on my driver’s license gives the DL more of a national id use, instead of what it is intended for.

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Yeah, my wife was talking my ear off about this…she used to ask why I was a conservative…not anymore. :howler:



Does that mean that if you don’t have a valid driver’s license, you’re not legally allowed to buy cold medicine? =/


ABSOLUTELY. SO. just buy alcohol. I find it works better than nyquil anyway seeing as they took the alcohol OUTTA THAT!


Did you know they have alcohol in cheap vanilla extract? It’s like 12%, and there’s no age restriction on buying it. XD


I think that’s super!


The price of living in a “free” country…

Gotta protect that liberty from that dude with the cold.


Dang, and here I been buying the pricey stuff! LOL

Seriously, though, folks… I was just having this coversation w/a buddy. Some people want to completely OUTLAW pseudoephederine. Luckily, I only get those brain-pounding throbbers from hell once in a great while, but when I need it, I NEED it. Is there something else a person can take that it seems only pseudoephederine will relieve?
And since when is it only okay for people over 18 to buy cold remedies?
And since when does the FDA have the authority to regulate uncontrolled substances?
And, fwiw, last time I bought Mucinex - the Brand X type - I picked it right up off the shelf, and threw it in my cart. Next time I go to Wally World I hope I remember to make a point to see if it’s still on the shelves. Be interesting to see if Right Wing isn’t getting more regulated than others.
Oops. I mean people in R.W.'s state/area.

  1. You can buy a reduced strength brand name cold med off the shelf. If you want the stronger same thing then you have to go to the counter. Off the shelf contact doesn’t do a thing anymore. It’s like a placebo. No med, it’s in your head.


Some of the variations of Mucinex are on the counter. The one I purchased was Mucinex-D, which was behind the counter, but over the counter and required producing a driver’s license. That’s a good question though. Suppose someone had a photo id, but not a driver’s license. Would the photo id suffice, even though their isn’t a bar code?


Most liquid flavorings have alcohol.


Really? That’s excellent! :rofl:


It’s not the greatest taste. When my kids were younger i’d get them to drink milk by adding a little sugar and vanilla. My mother in law hit the ceiling one day claiming i was making the kids into alcoholics. She also said that if kids were held heels over head their liver was upside down.



I take it that you and your MIL don’t get along very well.

My MIL speaks almost no English at all. Man…I love that woman.


Ugh, I tried a sip of pure vanilla extract once, and it was awful. Save it for the milk. xP


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:14, topic:28820”]
I take it that you and your MIL don’t get along very well.

My MIL speaks almost no English at all. Man…I love that woman.


Not enough alcohol to make a difference to anyone other than an alcoholic. Check out the % of alcohol, against the amount of flavoring you would use.


What’s the alcohol content of Listerine. That’s what alcoholics do in the hospital when they can’t get the real thing.


In the Marine Corps it was after shave. :awkward:



The Straight Dope: Can you get drunk on Listerine? How about vanilla extract? =)