Mueller Indicts Russians


Mueller has indicted 13 Russians and several Russian entities for various offenses connected to “interference” in the 2016 election…supposedly begun in 2014, a full YEAR before Trump even announced his candidacy. After he was nominated, supposedly the effort was to get HIM elected (the rationale for which is unclear since Hillary was known to be a “friend” to various Russian enterprises). AFTER he was elected, the effort was to sow doubt about the legitimacy of the election. They are accused of organizing a Trump rally in NYC and at the same time, were behind the “NeverTrump” counter-rally.


Rosenstein also stated that there was no evidence that any Americans were knowingly involved with these Russians. Anyway, this is the same type of interference and money laundering that the United States State Department perpetrated on the Israeli elections.

I seriously doubt that the grand jury handed down these indictments today or yesterday; Mueller has had them in his vest pocket for a while. Why announce them now? One possibility would be to keep the FBI f-up on pursuing the Parkland H.S. shooter out of the media spotlight.


I don’t know why anyone would be surprised about this. After the fall of the USSR, it was discovered that EVERY anti-war organization in the U.S. during the Vietnam era was funded–and in many cases, ORGANIZED–by the KGB, Putin’s old bosses.


F-up? Or did they deliberately allow it to discredit Trump, the duly elected president the FBI has been attempting to overthrow with manufactured b.s. provided by the clinton campaign. How does the FBI, supposedly the most competent law enforcement agency in the world, not find a guy publicly posting his intent to perpetrate a school shooting under his own unusual name?


Quite true, OD. These left-wing morons didn’t see ANYTHING wrong with what Obama tried to do to Israel because they hate Netanyahu with a purple passion. He’s the same sort of strong, NATIONALIST leader as President Trump and those sorts spoil their dreams of “Global, Socialist government.”


The fact that you accurately call this impulse “Socialist” , means linking Free Trade to “Globalism” is a problematic premise, but I digress…