Mueller sends report on Trump investigation to AG Barr


The time has come!


Sources: Mueller Report Will Contain No More Indictments, Release Will Be Disappointing

My favorite part …


The case for Russia collusion … against the Democrats

If you want to visit the page in its entirety, (ads and all), just copy and paste the link and leave off the ?amp part at the urls end.

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So long as Mueller does not mention Hillary, he has nothing. He’s just a political hack who has been on the people’s pay role for two years to support the Democrat Party. He is a man who has no integrity.




The situation is simply delicious.


Dershowitz On Obstruction of Justice (short video)

All the talk about “Obstruction of Justice” using the Democrats talking points is confusing to some so, to help … Alan Dershowitz explains the law in simple to understand language.

(Mr Dershowitz is a liberal democrat which most of you already knew)