Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed report claiming Trump told Cohen to lie




So it wasn’t the “bombshell report” we’ve been led to believe? Well who would have believed that from BuzzFeed? /sarc


Mark Levin is claiming success for forcing this statement from Mueller due to Levin demanding the Justice Department force Mueller and his team to submit to a polygraph as they were the only possible origin of the Buzzfeed reports.

I do believe Levin is why they had to issue the statement, as it was just 30-minutes after his demands that Mueller issued the statement.


Haven’t you heard what a stand up guy Mueller (dang, I always see Ben Stein at the blackboard going "Mueller, Mueller, Mueller… " :rofl:) is? Just ask any of 'em, Mueller, Comey and McCabe, they’ll all tell ya what boy scouts they are :vomit:

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