Mueller's Report Summary To Congress By Barr Is Out


Barr’s summary of 2 years of Mueller’s investigation has been sent to Congress. Mueller’s report determined no collusion, no conspiracy and no action by Trump that constituted obstruction of justice.

Democrats, after dragging this administration through hell and throwing the nation into continual turmoil, have come up empty.

Will the Democrats be satisfied? Of course not.


No, the Democrats led by the likes of Maxine Waters and Adam Shiff will have to continue the lie with more time wasted on fictionally based investigations of wrongdoing. Of course their goal is to keep Trump from doing his job and to nullify the results of the 2016 election. In the mean immigration reform and infer structure legislation, which badly need to be passed will go nowhere.

The Democrats should pay for this for this 2020, but they won’t. The brainwashed millennials and the government owes me a living crowd will be out in force while many independent votes will believe the media narrative that Trump is dangerous. Too late will some of these people learn that socialist big government is the real enemy.


I wonder could the DoJ sue the DNC to recover the costs of an obviously politically motivated witch hunt? :thinking: I mean, the American people are owed restitution.


It’s a shame that Rosenstein wasn’t left to deliver the supposed “no collusion, no conspiracy and no action by Trump that constituted obstruction of justice.”

It was delivered by Trumps hand-picked AG who cast spurious doubt upon his own objectiveness when he wrote his memo to the President before he was hired.

Am I satisfied? Of course not. We want to see Muller’s report. If Barr is correct and Muller’s report says what he says it does, then I will be satisfied and I can’t imagine any reason not to release it in full, can you?

I suspect that instead of concluding “not collusion, or obstruction”, we;ll find that Muller’s scope was narrow and follow up investigations will bring new understanding, but we’ll see.


Pathetic response, csbrown, but what else would I expect from you? If you had any brains, you would realize that talking about the issues that concern people who are trying to pay their bills, would be a wiser political play than this dead end. By as a committed socialist, I know that will not be your play.

You say that you support capitalism, but as you party moves more and more to the far left, you become less viable within you party, if you really support some level of free markets. AOC is the future of you party. Face it. That’s where the Democrats are headed.

If you want to keep going on you never Trump project, Mueller gave an opening with the obstruction of justice tact, a cheap move from a prosecutor who has come up empty. He had to throw a bone to his Democrat employers and supporters.


By follow up investigations I trust you mean investigations into why Muller kept a cloud over the head of our elected honorable president for two years by dragging out his investigation under the pretense that the “America First” guy sold us out to the Russians.

And whether the damage and trauma done especially to Lieutenant General Flynn but also George Papadopoulos were legal or were deliberate and vicious premeditated attacks against innocent men.

And whether the predawn KGB/Gestapo style raids done on the houses of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone were done for the express purpose of inciting terror in the hearts of anyone associated with our honorable president. (Manafort’s crimes were totally irrelevant to the President, but there was still no need for a raid.)

Or do you refer to finally giving Hillary a proper and legal investigating? After all, she’s really the only one that is known to have collaborated with Russians. Twice. Once for the Russian Nuclear deal and then to pay a Russian to whip up a fictional dossier against Candidate Trump.

Oh yeah. And we need to investigate if Muller knew that the fraudulent dossier was submitted to the FISA court as evidence and was complicit.


Attack the post, not the poster…


I just read that Rosie O’Donnell is upset. She says “only the entire report will do”! What a total sack of manure. She ought to keep her big, fat, floppy mouth shut.


How pathetic is it that lefties are DISAPPOINTED that their own President has been shown NOT to have “colluded” with the Russians???


I’m disappointed the truth hasn’t been revealed. As I said, as time goes on, more will be uncovered.


Oh, BS, csb. That’s a PATHETIC post and comment. “…the truth hasn’t been revealed?” After 3 years of investigations and $40 million in tax money wasted? Tens of thousands of documents examined and hundreds of people interviewed under oath? What could POSSIBLY remain unrevealed? Fact is, there was NEVER any “Russian collusion” on the part of the Trump campaign and Presidency. Nor were there any efforts to “impede justice.” Comey and his whole hierarchy, Brennan, Clapper and the Obama “inJustice Department” were ALL involved in an effort to overthrow a duly-elected President. It’s as complicated and as simple as that.


Easily; since it was an investigation into collusion with a foreign and hostile government, there’s a strong possibility that it contains classified information.

Let’s avoid the insults, please.


Obviously the “classified” information should be redacted. I would simply ask Robert Muller, who should have a tad more credibility in the eyes of those on the right, testify to the fact that only classified sections were redacted.


This shows that you can’t look at this issue with any objectively whatsoever. This investigation has gone on for two years and has cost the taxpayers $25 million. Muller, the pseudo Republican, and 14 Democrat lawyers conducted it. If ever there was going to be a chance to “get to the bottom of this” with a totally rigged investigation, this was it. Yet Muller and his henchmen found nothing.

Yet you can’t accept that. Your hatred from Trump, conservatives, the Republican Party and anything else that does not fit your political agenda is more important to you that the facts.

I don’t know where this country is headed with this kind of attitude. You and the Democrat Party can’t accept the results of an election. You can’t accept the results of a two year long investigation conducted by a man your side said you trusted. Everything has to go your way or you will support a coup de tat to get what you want.

Is your knowledge of history that deficient? Do you not know where actions like that can lead? Do you really what to live in a one-party state where the government controls everything and can remove any one that opposes its policies on made-up charges? Do you want the Justice Department and the FBI to become like the Cheka in the old Soviet Union?

Perhaps you do. You certainly have indicated it with that one line post.


Every time she speaks, a triple cheeseburger gets to live a little longer.


Why do you think it hasn’t? What indication is there that Muller has incompetently left some stone unturned?

Do you challenge the assertion the dossier at the center of this investigation was totally fraudulent, paid for by the Democrat campaign?

Or that this fraudulent dossier was the sole legal basis for the investigation?


I don’t trust that William Barr is telling the truth.


You want proof this investigation was not a result of the Democrat’s simply seeking a “search for the truth”.

Well, you need only look at the response of the Left’s representative stooge on this board which mirrors the responses of the MSM talking heads.

Even after 2 years of intense investigation headed by a man, Mueller, who is by no means a fan of Trump and his team of 13 investigators, 9 of which are registered Democrats, many of them donors to Hillary’s campaign and at least one of whom attended what was to have been her victory party - even after Mueller’s report has come out, the clowns on the Left will not accept the findings

Obviously, nothing about the Democrat’s effort in all of this fiasco has been about finding the truth. The TRUTH is, Democrats assisted by their rooting section, mainstream media, attempted a bloodless coup d-etat by way of an investigation based on bullshiit/lies/fabrications. Their all-in investment in their BS narrative just blew up in their face.

So, what’s next? Fake news forthcoming around the many continuing House investigations and pending reviews in the Southern District Of New York. I hope Trump has the results of his latest colonoscopy, because the Left will now pivot to his personal/financial affairs and they will not stop short of looking up his vent in their attempt.

The Left’s BS has played out in front of the world and our enemies. Think of the damage done to this administration and this POTUS as he has attempted to enhance America’s position around the world through negotiations. Anyone here other than our resident Dims who thinks Xi, Un and Putin haven’t been following this BS? It’s like a trainer sending his fighter out to do battle and slicing his fighter’s achilles as he gets up off his stool.


I hope the President sues Adam Schiff for slander, calumny, defamation of character and anything else than has a chance of being made to stick. Bastards keeps claiming to have seen “evidence of collusion”, yet somehow it escaped Robert Mueller’s notice?

Better yet, just stand his treacherous ass against a wall and have him shot.


Yeah; but think of the damage to the Dems when they insist on doubling down on a sinking ship come next election. I may be wrong, but I really do think they’ve been overplaying their hand of late. If I am wrong, then I’m seriously underestimating the credulity of the American public for the truckload of crap that the Dems have been feeding them for the last couple years…