Mueller's Report Summary To Congress By Barr Is Out


Unfortunately, quixlqatl, Trump is a political figure and does not have the ability to sue for untrue accusations made against him. No, it will be left to our electorate to hold the likes of Schiff, Swallwell, Waters, etc. to account at the ballot box.



Imagine there was an SC investigation into Clinton (emails, Benghazi, whatever…Maybe both) and that that an AG was appointed by a Democrat President just before the SC report was finished, an AG who submitted an unsolicited “memo” to the President saying things that clearly benefited the Secretary of State with respect to the charges leveled against her.

Now, if you will, imagine the same AG is handed a report by the SC and the AG “summarizes” that report which in vague and broad terms said “there’s nothing to see here” and refused to release it to Congress. And promised to, in “weeks” write a longer summation, but refused to release the underlying evidence.

Now if anyone here is capable of being honest, no one here would accept that.

Now I understand there may be “classified” info in Muller’s report. I’m also aware that there may be info that impunes people not charged with crimes, at this point which is why, IMO, Muller refused to draw any specific conclusions on obstruction.

I don’t think the AG wants to release the report in full because he knows someone in Congress will leak it, but in fairness, if it were a report on Clinton and Republicans were in the same position, they would leak it. So in part, if I’m being objective, I think a broad release might be unfair to certain people whose reputations might be ruined if the report is released in full. It may also compromise ongoing investigations.

I think each party should get to choose a representative form each house of congress to review the report in full which would limit the issue of leaks and a discussion should ensue about what should and cannot be released to the public and that litigation though the courts if necessary.



The Barr summary QUOTED the Mueller report. What part of “there is no evidence of collusion” do you not understand?

15 seasoned (unethical) democrat prosecutors, 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witnesses, tens of thousands of pages of WH documents could not find or manufacture or extort evidence of collusion and you seriously think partisan hacks like Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings are going to come up with any relevant information? All they want is to “keep the dream alive” for their useful idiots until they can get one more election out of them and destroy the lives of more innocent Americans associated with the President.


You would not even blink an eye.

The FBI investigated the former Secretary of State who conducted State business on an illegal Email server in her bathroom, she trafficked classified State documents through this server and when caught tried to erase all of the evidence before the Feds could confiscate her server. Then when damning evidence was salvaged from the hard drives that she tried to erase the director of the FBI brought all the evidence before Congress and publicly categorized the multiple counts of Treason that she had committed.

Not one piece of that evidence was ever challenged by anyone, the report with all of this evidence was laid on the desk of the Attorney General who was appointed by the same President who appointed this treasonous Secretary of State; who simply and promptly ignored it at the direction of the President.

Then 2 months later a laptop belonging to the pedophile husband of this Secretary of States assistant was found to contain hundreds of copies of the emails that were found on the recovered drives that formed the evidence in the former investigation (and some that were not known before), the investigation was reopened and this evidence was added to the former evidence; and was once again ignored by the Attorney General.

Not a peep out of you.

Then, after millions of dollars are spent investigating Trump and everyone who knows him had there lives picked apart going back decades as the corrupt investigator tried to find ANYTHING that he could use for leverage to get them to produce SOMETHING damning to Trump came up absolutely empty and all the best efforts from both major Political Parties and most of the media also failed to produce a single credible charge against the President; you are now writing that you don’t accept the truth because the Attorney General that reported the investigation results was appointed by the most scrutinized and vetted President in United States history?

There is no manner of crime that you will not excuse for your Party and no manner of innocence that you will not condemn of those who oppose your Party; I do not know a single Conservative who that could said about.


Let’s be clear…The quotes are;

“The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Which means that Mueller did not find — or at least could not prove — that Russian government officials worked with the Trump campaign in their effort to help elect Trump president to a degree that he (Muller) felt could be proven. However, this does not change the fact that countless people have lied about their contacts with known agents of the Russian government.

So even if there’s no proof of collusion, it means either there wasn’t or there was but there wasn’t enough evidence to prove it. There is also another possibility, which is that Trump/ surrogates new that Russia was involved but didn’t have to coordinate anything.

Having said that, there is the issue of obstruction. Muller says:

“While this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him,”

Now there are a number of reasons that he may have written like that. He may have felt that given the inability to indict the President that accusing him of a crime is nonsensical. I suspect that Muller felt that issue should be dealt with in Congress who could read the report and make it’s own decisions.

According to Barr, Mueller concluded the Russian government tried to interfere with the election through two “main” efforts — social media propaganda, and hacking and leaking Democrats’ emails.

Something the nations intelligence agencies agree with, yet, inexplicably in Helsinki Trump indicated his inclination to accept Putin’s denial of Russian interference, saying “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be.” Only a witless imbecile couldn’t figure out why Russia would want to screw with the US elections. So either the president is a moron, or his words have been chosen carefully for self-serving reasons.

Here is a question.

  1. Can the President obstruct justice?
  2. If the basis of an investigation is found to be without merit, can the President Obstruct justice in this case?


Nice deflection…

You never asked nor do I ever remember giving my opinion on this matter. That’s what we like to call a strawman.


What a STUPID post, CSB! After 2 years and an UNLIMITED BUDGET without any restrictions whatsoever, thousands of interviews with witnesses and examining well over 1 MILLION documents they could find NO EVIDENCE of any collusion with the Russians! How idiotic to then claim that somehow President Trump HID evidence of collusion from such an “investigation.” If there was no collusion as Mueller claims, then there was no crime for him to investigate. If there was no crime to investigate then firing Comey couldn’t POSSIBLY be “obstruction of justice” REGARDLESS of how loosely one is willing to interpret the term. The President has unlimited authority to fire ANYONE that is part of the Executive Branch of government and for any reason HE alone deems adequate. Frankly, I believe he’s exercised remarkable restraint in this regard. Every one of the top dogs in the Obama “INjustice” department, including the top echelons of the FBI and Department of State SHOULD have been fired months ago for an OBVIOUS and TRANSPARENT effort to conduct a bloodless coup and change the results of the 2016 election. It’s recently been reported that Mueller KNEW there was no “collusion” as far back as last August but kept the illusion alive in order to affect the 2018 mid-terms.


Let’s wait for the report…


Maybe you haven’t heard but the REPORT IS OUT AND THEY FOUND NO COLLUSION!


Bless his heart…


No, a 4-page summary of a 300-page report is out. The person that delivered that summery is a person who thinks that President’s are above the law to the extent that they cannot obstruct justice. I wonder why Trump picked him as AG…Hmmmm :thinking:

Also, wrongdoing isn’t limited to criminality, would you agree? I mean, Clinton took a BJ from an intern, was there a crime there? Was it wrong? Were you calling for his removal at the time (be honest). I thought it was wrong and I said so at the time. If I’m being honest, I called for his removal. I thought it demonstrated a terrible lapse in judgment and an abuse of power.

If the report concludes that Trump committed or was party to other crimes, should we learn about that as well?


BS on a shingle, CSB. Yet ANOTHER idiotic post? Getting a BJ from a subordinate IS a criminal offense in most jurisdictions. He wasn’t impeached for getting a BJ in the first place. He was impeached for the CRIMINAL offense of perjury, subornation of perjury and evidence tampering–which we KNOW he really did even though the Senate refused to find him guilty–purely for political reasons. Secondly, AG Barr said that firing someone employed in the Executive Branch is NOT “obstructing justice” and that NO President is guilty of obstruction for doing so…and he’s dead-bang right about that. Just because you don’t agree with him, doesn’t make him wrong or “corrupt”.

There was NO COLLUSION with Russia on the part of ANYONE in the Trump camp…period. Actually, Mueller knew this on the day he accepted his post and was CERTAIN of it as long ago as last August but kept the meme alive in order to affect the 2018 mid-terms.



Do you know how Trump avoids perjury? He refuses to testify under oath…:thinking:

No, but that is what kicked off the investigation…Annnnnd if I remember correctly, the Starr report was released to the public…:thinking:

I guess you only have to testify under oath and be held accountable if you’re a Democrat (see how stilly playing the victim sounds?)

I was including that in “abuse of power”…but sure.

That’s rich, but yes…You’re right. But then again, I don’t think he’s corrupt or wrong just because I disagree with him. I have lots of reasons for thinking he’s wrong that rise to a level I think most ethical people would agree with.

And you can prove this how?


Nobody “asked” you for your opinion on the Trump witch hunt, but you start threads and offer it constantly with absolutely no evidence of anything but innocence.

You claim to be motivated by a desire for “justice” but this “desire” never motivated you to start a single thread on an actual abomination that was documented, testified to under oath and publicly revealed.

But you have “offered your opinion” on the Clinton matter, you have tried to cast doubt on the preponderance of evidence and you even tried to claim that “intent” is part of the law that throws people in prison for passing classified information through illegal channels; that make believe standard only applies to your party while the rest of the population goes to jail for those crimes against the State.

As I said, you embrace all manner of evil in your party and you condemn all manner of innocence in those who oppose your party; there is nothing more worthy of a facepalm than a Liberal claiming that they are motivated by a moral concern.


Nice try. This is a forum where people share their opinions on topics.

The difference here is, you didn’t offer an opinion, you put words in my mouth. See the difference?

Do you think Trump would testify under oath? I suspect not, which is part of the reason it appears he has something to hide.

Can you direct me to something where I said that?

It’s not my party. It’s a party that I agree with on more issues than I agree with other parties.

Funny, I feel the same about a lot of people on the right. Go figure.


Barr’s veracity is being challenged as the summary that he promised as a means of quickly providing information to Congress ASAP regarding Mueller and his team’s findings, as the time consuming task of ensuring as much of the entire report is made public consistent with the laws pertaining to grand jury testimony takes place. Of course, this doesn’t satisfy Democrats.

It seems the subversives on the Left and their brothers/sisters in arms, the mainstream media, are to ignorant to understand a simple fact as they charge Barr with mischaracterizing Mueller’s findings and/or thereby withholding pertinent facts from public/congressional view.

Fact: If Barr has offered up a “whitewash” - a summary full of falsehoods - of the Mueller team’s findings, as many on the Left state or imply, do these goons think that for one moment Mueller and/or one of his team’s many registered Democrat investigators wouldn’t be publicly raising holly hell about it? Of course they would.

For that matter, do these fools think Rosenstein - the man responsible for appointing Mueller - would simply stand by and allow a misrepresentation of Mueller’s findings.

Case closed.


Not for the Trump haters. As soon as Barr releases the redacted full report they will scream that the evidence has been blacked out. The redactions will be grand jury testimony and classified material which, by law, cannot be released. The names of innocent people who were interviewed by the FBI and/or Mueller will also be redacted. The democrats want these names so they can destroy these peoples lives.


They will get them, too. And they will destroy innocent people for political gain. The democrats are the embodiment of evil, they are Satan personified. Carthago delenda este.


The Democrat Party is the new Nazi Party. Although their Antifa wing is similar to the Brown Shirts, even more sinister is their legal wing which can hound innocent people into bankruptcy. All they need is some baseless charges, and they are on their way. Their goal is to rip this country to pieces.

The root cause of this is the education system that is controlled by the far left. After the young have been indoctrinated, they get new doses of propaganda from the news media and Hollywood.