Munich McDonald's Massacre


At least ten people have been shot, and at least six are dead from a shooting in a shopping center in Munich, Germany today. Police say they NO IDEA what possible motive there could be.

I bet it’s those Buddhists shooting people for embracing consumerism :yes:


WOW, I can see McD’s running ads on TV now…Mickey D’s, give us a shot…sickos!


Thank God they used guns. If they had used bombs a lot more people would have been killed. (are you listening Obama).


Probably those “refugees” that have ruined Europe.


Bavaria is a majority Catholic area. Must’ve been one of those right-wing gun-nut terrorist-Lutherans!


The shooter is a Muslim from Iran
He was shouting “Allahu Akbar” while firing.

They have declared that his motivation is that he is a Right-wing sympathizer. Because the attack was on the same day as an actual right-wing shooter in Norway, five years ago.


I heard from a distant relative that a very distant ancestor of ours lived in Bavaria at the time of Martin Luther. There were nine brothers, I believe he said, and about half of them remained Catholic and the other half turned Lutheran. The Lutherans eventually left Bavaria (or were perhaps driven out!). I suppose the “about half” was 4/5. When our ancestors from that line came to the US, they were Moravians.