Murkowski supported all of the Obama agenda during lame duck session


Murkowski goes rogue - Yahoo! News

The media always calls a Republican who supports the left wing agenda bipartisan or independent or intelligent or any other compliment they can think of.

She’s just another Arlen Specter.


She might be worse.


no. i don’t think she can be worse. She IS the Worst. I"m thinking…how could she have been elected over Miller. I think the democrats did this. Beware.


[quote=“Caroline, post:3, topic:28690”]
no. i don’t think she can be worse. She IS the Worst. I"m thinking…how could she have been elected over Miller. I think the democrats did this. Beware.
[/quote]All those write in votes mysteriously appear and the democrat machine approves their authenticity–The election was clearly stolen



I wonder if her, Collins and Snowe have a support group they attended together?


I’m sure they must. It’s called the DNC.


No, Miller is an egotistic idiot, he was the reason for her winning. Palin, didn’t know this moron was gonna backfire on her, neither did I. Miller is almost as dangerous as Murkowski,


How is Miller almost as dangerous as Murkowski?


RINO’s in the senate helped get her elected.

The GOP is an endangered party if they continue to support liberals like Murkowski.



Why are people so surprised? she always was a nasty piece of work as was her husband. Miller had no background much to his detriment. Murkowski did have her ‘machine’ working for her .


What ?

Prior to becoming an attorney and a judge, Miller served as an officer in the United States Army. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his leadership in combat during the First Gulf War. He received his commission from West Point, where he graduated with honors. Joe is also a graduate of Yale Law School and holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Alaska.
About « Joe Miller for Senate

He was stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas[18] then deployed to the Persian Gulf War in 1991 where he served as a leader of a tank platoon that helped drive Saddam Hussein’s army from Kuwait.[21] His superiors called him “a true warrior leader tested under fire”,[21][22] and he received a Bronze Star for leadership in combat.[19][23] He has a service-connected hearing loss.[24] He was honorably discharged in September 1992, during a time when the U.S. was downsizing its military.[24] He then served in the U.S. Army Reserve for five years.[25][26]

He was appointed as a state magistrate and a Superior Court master for the 4th Judicial District at the young age of 30. He also owns a successful law practice and has served as an acting State District Court judge and a U.S. magistrate judge in Fairbanks. In 2004, he came close to a win in the race for state representative, but lost to the Democrat incumbent.



I wish he would have answered that. Inquiring minds want to know.


This stuff Miller is trying to pull with the write in spelling, is proof he doesn’t care about democracy. He just cares about winning. If he didn’t just care about winning, he wouldn’t be disputing the results with this “OMG WRONG SPELLING” nonsense. Its clear who the person was voting for, so a spelling error doesn’t make a difference. You lost. The people didn’t want you. Quit being a sore loser and get over it…


that’s politics, lithium; as the ‘chads’ of Florida. Miller had little to no political background, and no “machine” backing. In essence he was a waif in the meatgrinder of elections.


Murkowski is just another Scott Brown, O-limp-ia Snow, Susan Collins rino that needs to be taken out next election.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Miller was able to defeat her next time.


The spelling issue is grasping at straws.