Musician Skunk Baxter’s characterization of Russia

Last night on “The Greg Gutfeld Show”, musician Skunk Baxter had this characterization of Russia:

“Russia is a nuclear armed gas station, run by the Mafia, that has a mini mart with diamonds and gold.”

Care to comment?

BTW looking at the Greg Gufeld is far more informative than wasting your time watching Steven Colbert. There are far more laughs and useful information. It’s now the #1 rated late night comedy show.

I once read a characterization of Russia from the late '90s (and I think it’s still true) from a book called Investment Biker (memoir of an investment banker who, with his girlfriend, went on a long motorcycle tour, including of Russia).

He said that apart from its military and space program, Russia was a third-world country.

Without a private sector to provide the goods and services that people demand, having the rest of the company to look like “a third world country” will be the natural result.

Stalin was obsessed with steel production. He had so much of the stuff produced that they had to put it in everything. This is what happens when your economy is run by politicians and central planners.

But it’s all good, right? Everyone, except the top people in the government are equal. Their lives are equally miserable.