Muslim Children in US vow to kill Jews and die for Allah


The cancer is spreading!


The organization in question said they fired the guy who put that video on the internet, and promised “sensitivity training.” For this kind of incitement of violence, “sensitivity training” makes about as much sense as Neville Chamberlain negotiating with Hitler.

I have to wonder if the real issue with firing that guy wasn’t more along the lines of: “You weren’t supposed to post it where the infidels would find out, you idiot!”


Radical Islam is a cancer, and it’s growing in this country. We have an outspoken supporter of it in Congress and at the head of the Democrat Party. Obama was very sympathetic to their goals. He just didn’t like their methods. Obama was more subtle in his support although giving billions to the Iranian Islamic terrorists was out of character for him.

The progressives defend the radical Moslems because it suits their narrative of tolerance and the on-going lie that conservatives don’t like them because most of them are not White people. What the progressives fail to realize is that some the very people the they defend, most prominently the LGBT community, would be the first individuals the radical Moslems would liquidate if they came to power.

Some Jewish Democrats are beginning to see the danger, but there are not enough of them. Perhaps as the Democrats become more and more open in their dislike of the State of Israel, they will get the message.


Agreed; It’s a belief system with professed values. You can (or should) be able to spot and criticize points of vulnerability, like you would any other system. Especially if those vulnerabilities are illiberal in how they present problems to themselves or to the rest of us.

Drilling down, and labeling the problematic beliefs should be something the Left would do, but they’ve abdicated that role. Kurds meanwhile are willing to take a stand in places like Germany and call out the “Salafists” for being radical; I think the conversation has to go deeper in that direction.

And I do mean a conversation, not calls to “stay in your lane”. The Left will create war if it continues to think that’s the solution.