Muslim Flight Attendant does not want to serve liquor

[QUOTE=Jazzhead (C&P from quote)]Now, Tiny, as an alleged human being you should be able to recognize that Kim Davis is arbitrarily declining to recognize the legal rights of two citizens, and that such behavior on the part of a government official is tantamount to tyranny. We are a nation of laws, not men.[/QUOTE]
Since the law is being arbitrarily redefined by activist courts, I’d be hard-put to find the evidence that we are a nation of laws. I’ll agree that, with the leftist shift going on, we’re certainly becoming less and less of a nation of men (or women)…

[QUOTE=Jazzhead (C&P from quote)]Why does Kim Davis deserve a speck of tolerance? She’s a public servant, and next time out it may be YOUR rights she seeks to deny.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, what rights?..