Muslim group office evacuated after foreign substance received in mail


[COLOR=#222222]The U.S. Muslim advocacy group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said on Thursday its Capitol Hill office was evacuated by police after a foreign substance was received in the mail.
[/COLOR]CAIR’s Instagram page showed the Washington office blocked off with yellow police tape and a group of emergency vehicles blocking the street.
The incident came days after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump issued a call to prevent Muslims from entering the United States until the government could set up better screening for those seeking to enter the country.

LOL - notice how they tie it to Trump. If Rueters had their way he’d be arrested. :biggrin:


Typical. His proposal is Common Sense. Some here sure have their briefs in a bunch. They think it is funny that he gets slighted for saying what most of us are thinking, but no one has the stones to say. They think that it is funny that people lie to bring him down. They think that America sees things as they do.
But, Trump continues on, and continues to lead the entire pack. Must be really frustrating to see someone they fear, doing so well.

That’s right, fear. What they fail to realize, is that it is their protests that continue to fuel Trumps lead. We, who understand the corruption of the GOP, watch amusingly while they lose their minds. Time after time, they predict the demise of Trump. Time after time they express outrage at what he says, thinking others will become outraged and indignant as they have. Time after time, they tell us that Trump will never be President.
And, time after time, we laugh as Trump’s lead continues to grow. Continue on, GOP lemmings. You are making it easy for Trump to win, spending a fraction of what the others do.


Geeze Loooweeze, I was only laughing at Reuters.


Oh sure, you can make that argument convincing, can’t you. You sit here and rail against Trump, ala Jazzhead(which I’d think lowly of myself if I agreed so closely with him), and then say you were laughing at Reuters. You know, as do I, that you hoped to shed a dim light on Trump’s proposal.
Do you, or do you not, think Trumps plan is Constitutional?


As far as I know it is or could be made into something constitutional and I was pointing out Reuters’ hypocrisy in immediately linking this “terrorist event” to Trump with no evidence whether you like it or not. How does Reuters’ doing this “shed a dim light on Trump’s proposal”? It makes Reuters look like another liberal biased media.


Oh come on. You cannot be this uninformed or naive. The media ALWAYS does this. Of course they are liberal biased.
Anytime an “other than Democrat” speaks, they pounce on whatever they can imagine will cast a shadow on said person.
Look back at how they treated Sarah Palin. She couldn’t wear a dress, that the media didn’t disparage her.
You should know, and I believe you do, that Trump’s comments would be spun negatively. I mean, after all, you think he is a buffoon, even though he is one of the richest men in the world.
He isn’t a buffoon, and he isn’t an entertainer. He is a serious businessman who makes decisions daily, that you could retire on. He has made more money on accident, than you or I ever will, on purpose. His decisions and negotiations impact thousands of his employees, as well as others. He is a master negotiator. He is success oriented, and though he is a bit egocentric, only his success would be an acceptable legacy for him. I really believe he is the only one with a snowball’s chance in Sheol, of getting any thing substantial, done.
In the beginning, I was like everyone else, expecting him to implode any second. But now, I have more confidence in him, than all others, combined. I don’t think he can be bought. All others, I am not so sure.
Yeah, he’s like my uncle Chuck. He may cheese your grits, but he is a smart man, who knows how to get things done.


I will make it known that I think Trump is a clown and a fool. But those perceived qualities does not disqualify one from being President. A lot what Trump says will not not fly even if he is elected President, let just get that out there. If he some how gets the nomination will vote for him(Cruz and Carson are my preferred choices). I may not like him but you cannot ignore his success.


I wonder how the blame-slingers at Reuters will blame Trump for the Sikhs attacked in 2001 and 2002, being mistaken for Muslims.

Stupid people do stupid things. German-speaking people were attacked, violently, in the US during WW1, but I don’t think Wilson was to blame.


BTW, I hope whoever mailed the “substance” to CAIR is identified and caught. I could say more, but I’ll refrain for now.